Yellow Flag City – New Year, New Tour PT2. – TeamSport Karting Manchester Trafford Park – Go Karting


The new year brings a new tour of some teamsport tracks, this time im at Manchester trafford park, this had a crazy amount of yellow, red and black flags but was still a good fun track to throw a kart aroundPart 1 of the tour at Warrington Instagram – @learn_to_raceContact – [email protected] – GoPro Hero 8 Black Media ModMusic from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: 0ELGHHCMJJHOSOAFMusic from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: Q5BWR9N9RHULJOJ0

38 thoughts on “Yellow Flag City – New Year, New Tour PT2. – TeamSport Karting Manchester Trafford Park – Go Karting

    1. @Learn to Race as long as you had fun, that’s the main thing!! I really need to get out to more TS tracks, I’ve only driven Bristol so far, deffo gonna make it over to Cardiff soon. I need to do my own “tour of TeamSport” 😁

    2. @Crazy_Skindog_Karting well I’ll see about coming down to Bristol and Cardiff soon do those 2 so I’ll give you a shout when I do

    3. @Learn to Race amazing, I’d be well up for that!! I’m looking forward to the event you are looking to organise, and if I find myself heading north at any point I’ll give you a shout!

    1. @Learn to Race thats pretty expensive, what if you werent to race but just practice learn etc in those karts. Or is that not a thing

    2. @Learn to Race thats still alot, good tho. How do you get into it in general i go occasionally i just cant seem to step it up any more? Did you join a club or have your own kart?

  1. Hey bro. What camera do you use? I think you have a great angle and would like to start using on myself. Also, where do you mount your camera?

    1. Nah not yet man, I will get up there at some point, probably have to go to all the Scottish tracks while I’m up there

    1. Yeah maybe, was the layout the same? I did notice upstairs on the leaderboards they have a second layout, or you’re just that damn fast!

    2. @Learn to Race the old layout was the one that Daytona used before teamsport purchased the track. this layout hasn’t been changed since

  2. Good job mate it’s my local track and my best is 33.04 it’s a pretty straight forward track, but they only thing I’d say is the corner before the ramp, tap the brake slightly and then flick the rear end of the kart round it and the second you feel the car slip a little go on the accelerator and you should be good for that corner, it can make up for a lot of time 👍

    1. Cheers man, I was braking there to begin with but felt it was costing me time so I was just lifting and flicking, I’ll have to give it another shot sometime

  3. I’ve gone to this track somewhat regularly, although the staff are really nice and it’s a decent track it’s a magnet for idiots or generally non considerate people who never leave space, never follow yellows and blame you for everything but maybe I’ve just been unlucky

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