WooCommerce WhatsApp Live Chat Plugin – Overview

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In today’s world providing live support on Whatsapp is one of the best ways to solve the queries of the end-user instantly and by keeping this in mind we have introduced the Woocommerce WhatsApp Live Chat module.This module allows the admin to enable live Chat support on WhatsApp. Customers can ask their queries and get solutions for those queries over WhatsApp chat.As a result, the customers don’t need to wait for a reply over the mail and can chat over WhatsApp during the given time interval.. The admin can configure this module for a particular store from multiple created stores. . The admin will configure layout settings for the chat support window. . Multiple chat support agents can be created. . This module supports multi-lingual features. . The admin can create multiple chat support agents and assign created member types to those support agents. . The admin can configure the title and description for the chat support window. . The admin can choose the image of the support team member for the chat support window. . A welcome message can be entered and will be seen in the chat support window. . The admin can enter the initial message for each support agent which will be sent to the customer after scanning the QR code. . The customers can chat with the support agents from the WhatsApp application on their mobile devices. . The customers can also use the WhatsApp Web feature to chat with the support agents from the desktop.For more information, check the links mentioned below –1. Store Link – [ https://store.webkul.com/woocommerce-whatsapp-live-chat.html ]. 2. User Guide – [ https://webkul.com/blog/woocommerce-whatsapp-live-chat-documentation/ ]. 3. Live Demo – [ https://wpdemo.webkul.com/woocommerce-whatsapp-live-chat/ ].For any further doubts, suggestions, or requirements kindly reach us via any of the below-mentioned links –1. Email Us – [ [email protected] ]. 2. Raise a Ticket via our HelpDesk system – [ https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ ]. 3. Contact Us Link – [ https://www.webkul.com/contacts ]. 4. Live Chat Link – [ https://webkul.chatwhizz.com/wkcs/chat-support?name=webkul.com ].Also, check the below links for the latest updates and follow us on our social accounts –1. FaceBook – [ https://www.facebook.com/webkul/ ]. 2. Twitter – [ https://twitter.com/webkul ]. 3. Instagram – [ https://www.instagram.com/webkul/ ]. 4. LinkedIn – [ https://www.linkedin.com/company/webkul ]. 5. YouTube – [ https://www.youtube.com/webkul ].#webkul #woocommerce #whatsapp #livechat

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