Why You Should Switch Careers TODAY To Become An IT Manager | Management Information Systems

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Why You Should Switch Careers TODAY To Become An IT Manager | Management Information Systems#MIS #ITM #blackheightsAn information technology manager oversees the computing needs across a company. They coordinate the functions of all computer systems of the organization they work for and see to it that all hardware, software, networks, and related applications work correctly and efficiently.0:00 – Intro 1:11 – What is an IT Manager? 3:50 – What are the skills required? 5:03 – How to become an IT Manager 6:30 – Average Salary for an IT Manager 7:31 – Career path for an IT ManagerSubscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv3N90AXQxUtaSnKSqOoOpA!!!THE PATREON!!! https://www.patreon.com/blackheightsPatreon benefits include: 1️⃣. Access to “On The Journey” live streams showcasing the career paths of professionals in IT 2️⃣. Early access to videos, behind the scenes, and 1 on 1 video chats 3️⃣. Private discord server where BH members of the community engage in powerful discussions focused on MIS/ITM, careers, majors, universities, courses, self-improvement, and much more 4️⃣. Black Heights “MIS Geek” Swag 5️⃣. One 30-minute private mentorship session with me once a quarter Join our patreon to have exclusive access to me and the BH MIS GEEKS community at the link below: https://www.patreon.com/blackheightsTo book my time career coaching and mentorship please use the link below: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=21534511Link to Merchandise: https://blackheights.myteespring.coOur Website 👉 https://blkheights.com/ Our Social Media – 👉Facebook – @blackheights https://www.facebook.com/blkheights/ 👉Instagram – @blackheightsinc https://www.instagram.com/blackheight…Join The Black Heights Newsletter at:

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29 thoughts on “Why You Should Switch Careers TODAY To Become An IT Manager | Management Information Systems

  1. An IT Manager is a great career. It is a top job for IT professionals that demands a high salary. Are you considering this career path? Why or why not?

    1. I’m studying for my a+certification at the moment. Already have a bachelor’s in IT. No experience yet, but I’m not stopping my certifications until I become a high demand dude. Plan on going into cybersecurity.

    2. I have been in IT since windows 1.x and IBM OS/2. Been a developer in undergrad, IT operations manager, IT consultant post Grad school and now directly under the IT Director (next goal). To me you have to be sorta a nerd and love and be in it. In the 80s-90s I knew that is what I wanted to do be a computer geek. The thing is now transitioning/migration from an old system to another new one (data migration AWS, etc) It is very valuable you know some of the old architecture to know how to move to the new. Build your skills up. Be a nerd. It is not easy at first. I am a H.E.N.R.Y but I’m gonna keep going.

    1. 100% Agreed. It is also an advantage for IT managers to have some business experience as well.

  2. Hello Black Heights. I am currently studying Supply Chain Management-Distribution Management and was wondering about taking analytics with the degree, what path could I take with it into IT field?

    1. I’f you take analytics you are opening up a path into a business analyst and data analyst roles, which are great roles in IT.

  3. I subscribed yesterday after watching you with Oshay. I appreciate the detailed information in your videos. This is high quality content.

  4. Great video, I just have some few questions, currently studying a degree in Information technology and management, will love to know if I really need a lot of knowledge in programming cos I learnt the basics in my first year, and will these coding skills be needed as an IT manager?

    1. They are useful as an it manager but again as a manager it’s not your responsibility to code.

  5. I Guess my question would be do we still live in a world where people 25 – 30 are being asked to have 15 years of experience to make a great salary? I just turned 30 I have associates degree in Homeland security/Cyber security and computer forensics. I just enrolled in WGU I have worked in IT since I was 18 years old. Once my degree is done I feel as though my experience should speak for itself once my degree is done. I also intend on getting my MBA after my IT Management – B.S. Business Administration is done. Do my expectations make sense?

    1. If resume should speak for itself. Don’t worry about what recruiters are asking for. Sell yourself by displaying skills and showing results.

  6. This hit home for me man, I was a order selector as well and worked between DC/ retailing for 6 years. I’ll graduate this august with a B.S. in business with some certifications. I will connect with you on LinkedIn for mentoring if you wouldn’t mind💯

  7. I’ve been exposed to internet and communication technology at a very young age and i fell inlove with it in general , im looking for a field that is it related and likely to yield alot of profit for me because i dont see myself working for someone for a long time

  8. I’m majoring in IT Management at WGU but everyone on Reddit has been very discouraging and they say that I won’t find a job after graduating since it’s very broad.

    1. Don’t listen to people who aren’t on your path. Make sure you are learning skills and start your interviewing process now for internships and pt/ft roles. Get it done and win. You are responsible for your own path, not some lazy grad who failed to do the things necessary to have a great career.

    2. @Black Heights – Advancing Your Career Thank you ! I will definitely follow your advice. I also want to thank you for the free resources and videos you upload, I’m a new subscriber and I have definitely benefited from your content. I hope learn a lot and squire the skills to become a project manager.

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