Why Major In Information Technology Management | Management Information Systems (MIS/ITM)

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Management information systems or Information Technology Management majors are prepared to solve problems at the intersection of business and technology.—————————————————————————————————————————————————— What Is a Management Information Systems Or Information Technology Management Major?Management information systems or Information Technology Management majors are prepared to solve problems at the intersection of business and technology. They explore ways to use various technology-based processes to help businesses and organizations operate more effectively and better serve their customers, staff and bottom line. To create and maintain innovative solutions, management information systems and services students rely on strong problem-solving, time-management and analytical skills.These majors are sometimes confused with computer science majors, but the two areas of study are unique. While computer science majors focus on creating software programs and are typically enrolled in mathematics departments or science and engineering schools, management information systems and services majors are more focused on organizing the connections between information, people and business operations. They’re typically business school students.Subscribe Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv3N90AXQxUtaSnKSqOoOpAOur Website 👉 https://blkheights.com/ Our Social Media – 👉Facebook – @blackheights https://www.facebook.com/blkheights/ 👉Instagram – @blackheightsinc https://www.instagram.com/blackheightsinc/Join The Black Heights Newsletter at:

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35 thoughts on “Why Major In Information Technology Management | Management Information Systems (MIS/ITM)

    1. @Bassel Khalid ITM or Information Technology Management is usually a business degree so you will take business courses with technology courses.

    2. @Black Heights – Advancing Your Career so this degree is gonna give the opportunity to bridge the gab between both tech and business or if i wanted to take a career in tech will these degree help me beside taking courses and that stuff if I wanted?and vise versa and thanks for replying.

    3. @Bassel Khalid yes this MIS or ITM bridges the gap between tech and business. The good thing is that it gives you a solid foundation of both so if you decide to lean heavier to one side such as tech, you can.

    4. @Black Heights – Advancing Your Career Please is it the same thing as a degree called IT Business….

    1. @Black Heights – Advancing Your Career the university that I am applying for has this course named Modern Management and Information technology (MMIT) as a bachelor of science under college of art,media and technology. How does this work?

    2. @K W you would have to tell me more about the school. It’s new to me but that’s great as it is considered a STEM with a bachelors of science.

  1. I’m getting ready to graduate in informations and I’m wondering where to begin looking for work as someone with no prior it work

    1. Your Uni should have a career services department. Start looking their for job preparation.

  2. Quick question and looking for some guidance. My school offers IT management with 3 different concentrations
    -Cybersecurity management
    Which one would be best? And what in the world is IT management with Negotiation as a concentration?
    Would be nice to get your input, I have found nothing about this negotiation concentration at all.

    1. Which is best is subjective. You will need to review each to determine which is best for YOU based on your interest and the type of career you think you want. Secondly, I believe negotiation is just what it means, which is to prepare you to learn how to give and take when doing deals, whether it be in procurement, sales, management. Your course summary or specialization summary should clearly explain this.

  3. If I’m already about to graduate with my Tourism, Convention, and Event Management degree and I also like the world of IT and want to explore the IT Event Management path, are their certifications or whatever else I could look into to help me get into the industry to justify my interest of IT?

    1. There are many certifications that can help you get into IT. As far as it event management, I am not sure what that is but would guess it’s more ITIL related or project management related so look into the ITIL cert or the PMP certification.

  4. Ugh! Thank you so much for this explanation. There are so many videos that talk about IT Manager and they only highlight one path – Manager of the Help Desk Dept. or IT Support (namely Hardware) which is totally not interesting at all. Thanks for the vid

  5. Great video, thanks man. Would a job as a information security analyst be an option with this degree? In case I change my mind about wanting to get into the business side of things?

  6. Okay but do I need to use math alot? Because I’m not good at it. I’m willing to give up my dream of being in a publishing house after I found myself working a minimum wage job for a more stabile future.

  7. Hi, I have a BA in criminal justice and have taken some programming classes. I was considering a MSIT with a certification in cybersecurity and data privacy. I am not sure if the masters or a certification would be the best route.

    1. It all depends on what it is that you want to do? What is it that you want to do in your career?

    1. @Black Heights – Advancing Your Career great to hear! I start in october, I’m very excited. I know a lot of people say online college isn’t real college but by the looks of it WGU is legit so I’m very happy

  8. I’m contemplating between having a master in IT or Msc project management. Consideration are of underline
    Job market
    Most in demand
    Easy job entry

  9. Recently graduated with a BS In Healthcare Administration’s from SNHU ,looking to get my masters in IT. Is a MS In IT math heavy and will it be difficult seeing I don’t come from a technical background.

    1. No It is not super math heavy. It will challenge you but you will be able to do it with no technical background.

  10. Hi , i really like your videos.i am thinking about taking Information technology management and business degree. Is it worth? What will be the job in future for this degree

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