Who Owns THE MOST Silver Bullion TODAY?

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=NAaL3ErLIZ4

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16 thoughts on “Who Owns THE MOST Silver Bullion TODAY?

  1. Like # 209. I know Sal owns the most silver you showed it all in the amazing video you did a month ago of 30 years of stacking.

  2. I forget, but how many oz again, if it was allotted the same for all adults in the world, how many oz per adult would it be silverwise?

  3. I was off on my call on below 14$ silver that is okay Since I am stacking hard right now . I nailed the 1650 call on gold though . I don’t believe gold will go any lower . I think the Sheeple are waking up to gold and big money sheeple will clear out the gold first then silver will skyrocket and then be cleared out as well . Keep stacking Fyi just ordered my first Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz. 5 minutes ago for 1726 , I saw bold had it for 1711 but I have been so happy with M.M. I am okay with paying 15$ to get it from a trusted source . I also just got my sigmalytics p.m. verifier in case people need to pay with metal .

  4. I think the Rothschilds and the Royal Family own the most “precious metals”. One of their favorite quote goes something like owning all the currency or wealth to control the nation. Can’t even audit them 😂

  5. I’ve started about 3 months in stacking. Ive made it to 192 oz so far. Going to keep it up until the bottom falls out.

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