What Is Silver Bullion?

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Buying Silver bullion can either be a hobby or an investment for some people, but in this video, I am going to share a few thoughts on what silver bullion is.Last year many people asked me questions about silver bullion and I decided to make a very simple video answering the question – What is silver bullion?Most importantly I would like to encourage you to do some extra homework and getting a deeper understanding on bullion in general.All the topics discussed in this video are my personal opinions.Timecodes 0:00 – Intro 1:17 – 1oz Silver American eagle 1:33 – What Is Silver Bullion 1:56 – Silver Bullion Refining Process 2:25 – Why People Want Silver Bullion 2:58 – Is Silver Bullion Legal Tender 3:07 – Silver Used As Hedge Against Inflation 3:22 – Difference Between Troy Ounce And Ounce 3:55 – What Is .999 Silver 4:09 – Many Silver Refiners 4:45 – Silver bullion Coin Rounds 5:59 – Silver Is A Valuable CommodityWebsite: https://lukezionjewelry.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/lukezion_jewelry Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lukezionjewelryThank you for watching! 🙏🏽

30 thoughts on “What Is Silver Bullion?

  1. Always try buy bullion at the lowest premium never overpay i go for the slighty tarnished bullion can get for way cheaper premium unless you like the shiny look and dont mind paying a little more

  2. Dude I have been into stacking bullion for a while and have been thinking about getting some silver jewelry. Your website is perfect I’m going to start picking up some of your chains.are going to be adding some pendants soon?

  3. I had shipped 10 Mercury Dimes from my favorite seller total cost $24.64 decided to buy because he had not updated his price. I feel silver is going up on Feb 1 2021

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