What is Payroll? An Introduction to Payroll in Urdu/Hindi

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Hi viewers welcome Back to #AccountingPro. In this video, I have explained the breaks down of essential components that go into keeping payroll, calculating payroll & processing payroll for your business.Following topics are covered in this video;Introduction to Payroll What is Payroll? What is Payroll Process? What information is included in the Payroll? Components of Payroll Gross Pay Vs. Net Pay How to manage Payroll Data? Why Payroll is so important?——————————————————————————- RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEOFinanTax Consulting – QuickBooks Premier Authorized Resellers in Pakistan https://www.finantax.netFaceBook Page @FinanTaxConsultingOfficialTwitter @AccountingPro2

18 thoughts on “What is Payroll? An Introduction to Payroll in Urdu/Hindi

  1. Though i havnt done master in finance but after watching this video i feel that i am 70% accountant …

  2. Sir I want to ask you a question. An employee took a loan of Rs40,000 at the start of the month of January. Today is 31st January 2022 (suppose). I am doing general journal entries and I will deduct that loan amount from employee’s salary. Can you tell me its entry???

  3. AOA Sir, Do you have any lecture regarding the calculation of ALL components of payroll. i.e A payroll sheet comprising all components of payroll. Example ; HRA. conveyance, Medical, special allowance etc. and their leagality.

  4. Hello, sir, I need your services for tax consultancy. Please provide a contact platform where we can discuss this in detail.

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