What is a Soul Signature | Becky Prater

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Have you ever heard the term “soul signature?” It has come across my awareness a lot lately and I wanted to explain what I know about it. This is the same as your personal vibration. It is unique in all the world. It is like your fingerprint on a vibrational level. It’s the sound of your voice which is also unique to you.

When I am in meditation and beings come to me to communicate—someone passing, someone sharing, or teaching, I know who they are immediately based on their soul signature. There is no question, much like when someone calls you on the phone and you know immediately who they are based on their voice. You might be in a store and you hear someone nearby and you immediately know who they are by their unique sound. This is a person’s soul signature, their vibration.

If we are focusing a minute on one’s sound as it relates to raising your vibration, this might include saying nice things, anything spoken from the heart (even pain and frustration,) words of affirmation, sounds of gratitude, giggling and laughing. This is you at a high vibration. Yelling at your partner or a waiter or driver who just cut you off. Speaking from your ego which has just been wounded, those are the sounds of you at a lower vibration.

We are being called to raise our vibration to elevate the collective vibration of the earth and tip it toward survival— or how about a place of thriving? Imagine our earth and all its inhabitants thriving. That is my vision of our planet. In summary, your soul signature is your vibration, your unique sound. Let it be heard.  What that means now is to vote and let your soul speak through your vote.

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