What Happens to My Safe Deposit Box When I Die?

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While safe deposit boxes are commonly used to protect valuable items and important documents (such as a insurance policies, a will, or a trust), it is just as common to overlook what will happen to that safe deposit box after you die.The unintended consequences could be devastating or at the very least frustrating for your family in settling your affairs and estate. Surviving family members might not know a safe deposit box exists or where to locate it. Even if a safe deposit box is known to exist, banks may not be the most cooperative when it comes to allowing family to access it. The unfortunate result is that the items protected end up inaccessible, hidden, or unclaimed.In this video, Kevin Snyder shares what you need to know to plan better and prevent this from happening.Have more questions?Call: (949) 333-3702Schedule a Call: https://www. AskSnyderLaw.comGet Our Free Guide: https://www.snyderlawpc.com/the-sandwich-generation/

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  1. Please I need your answer. Someone ask me to help her about this trunk box.shes searching person lives in Philippines to help her to claim the safety trunk box.what would I do please answer it.

    1. We are sorry to hear about these challenges. It is not quite clear what you are needing help with, but it sounds like it is a legal issue in the Philippines. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with any legal matters outside the United States as the laws are different and we are not authorized to practice law in that country. I encourage you to contact a lawyer based in the Philippines for assistance.

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