UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin: How to BackUp & Restore Your WP Site in Minutes

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=9cT2mGrXsTQ

UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin and in this UpdraftPlus tutorial, I’ll show you how to backup your WordPress website. With Updraft plus, you’ll also see how to restore your website with just a few clicks should you ever need to. Get UpDraftPlus free: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/updraftplus. Install it and follow along with me to set-it up.You can backup your WordPress website within a matter of minutes and quickly restore the website if anything ever goes wrong with your website in just a matter of clicks. Plus you can schedule backups to happen automatically so you always know you have a fresh copy of your site files, database, plugins & themes.📈💸📊👩‍💻Take your web design & SEO business to the Next Level with 90-day success paths, agency growth process & processes to grow your business (& your clients): https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/nextlevel🗳️More from Christine🗳️ 👥 Free Facebook Group: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/facebook 📋 Business Template Bundle: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/templates 📮 5-Step Business Planning System: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/insider/ 📚 Recommended Reading: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/books🎦 WHAT TO WATCH NEXT 👉 2020 Google Search Console Tutorial: A Step-By-Step Guide to Ranking Higher & Gaining More Traffic: https://youtu.be/_mLTDwVQv1Y 👉 The BIG Differences Between a High-Earning & Low-Earning Digital Marketing Agency: https://youtu.be/Up4brV-uXL4 👉 The 1 Difference Between a $500 Client & a $5,000 Client: https://youtu.be/YCrtaeJoFEg 👉 9 Ways to Sell Website Maintenance Services to Clients: https://youtu.be/bdvOW6Laei0 👉 7 Reasons Why You’re Attracting Low Quality, Low Paying Clients: https://youtu.be/73nI90_XMEY✅🛠️Recommended Tools to Help You Grow🛠️✅ 📈 SEMRush: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/semrush 📶 Bright Local: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/brightlocal 📲 Thrive Themes: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/thrivethemes ⌨️ Elegant Themes: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/elegant 🛠️ WP Buffs: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/wpbuffs 📩 Active Campaign: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/activecampaign 📝 Better Proposals: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/betterproposals 🕵️‍♀️ MyWebAudit: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/mywebaudit 📑 Content Snare: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/contentsnare 💽 Flywheel: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/tools/flywheel✅🏷️Deals🏷️✅ ☎️ Get 10-20% WP Buffs Maintenance Care Plans: https://www.portableentrepreneur.com/wpbuffs-call* Some of the links that appear on this video are from companies which Portable Entrepreneur will earn an affiliate commission for. Only companies that we have used ourselves and have no hesitation in recommending are listed here.

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