Ultra compact motorhome the size of a campervan. Challenger X150



This is what Trigano calls an ultra compact motorhome, it is the Challenger X150 which the manufacturers claim gives one the benefits of a campervan in a motorhome – which is what makes it ultra compact. It will cost from EUR60k. It is based on the Fiat Ducato. The benefit of a campervan is the size, nothing else really comes to mind when talking of the end user. This vehicle is 599cm long but there are already plenty of motorhomes at that length and 210cm wide – which is wider than any campervan I know but certainly puts it in the slim line as far as motorhomes are concerned. What may be interesting is that it has a large lounge for a vehicle of this size – but so does the smallest Benimar which is also manufactured by Trigano. The seats are 114cm wide so they take up almost one fifth of the entire outer length of the van! A table goes in the centre. The bed is over the lounge, they have called it a power bed which I think is a new name for the electrically operated bed which has been around for some time. 190x140cm large double bed locked in the middle position. The exterior is designed in campervan decals, or so says Challenger. What the vehicle does have is a rear washroom. A number of Trigano models have done this but none in the six metre class. It also provides for access to the garage from the inside via what it has termed the dressing area. Again, other models do this but not six metre ones. The aforementioned Benimar has a very large kitchen with a side washroom. Fortunately it does not have a campervan kitchen but does provide a bit more space and it has a 134 litre refrigerator. The walls are made from fibreglass reinforced polyester (GRP) and it will probably be OK for three season travel. Standing height of up to 198cm is another feature improved on campervans. There are decorative elements on the wall and the ceiling lights have been designed exclusively for the X 150. Overall weight, ready to go, is 2,700kg.I live in a motorhome full time and travel around Europe in it. I spend most of my time in Poland, Germany and Italy. Vanlife is my life.In my YouTube channel, I present reviews of recreational vehicles. Here you will find campervans and motorhomes from the cheapest camper vans to the most expensive luxury liners, from various companies including Hobby, Hymer, Carthago, Westfalia, Wingamm, La Strada, Frankia, Wavecamper, Maurer, Dreamer, Itineo, Rapido, Clever Vans, Pössl, Bürstner, Niesmann Bischoff, Action Mobil, Reisemobil Manufaktur, Robeta, Trigano, Challenger, EuraMobil, Karmann Mobil, Laika, Forster, Mobilvetta Design, Affinity, Globe Traveller, Benimar, Roller Team, Adria, Bocklet, Woelcke,Tourne, Megamobil, VW, Mercedes, CS, Renault, Ford, Fiat, Carado, Sunlight, Baileys, Chausson, Balcamp, Knaus, Weinsberg, Murvi, Bliss, Mitsubishi, Woelcke, Reisemobile Bürow, Holzmobil, Giotti Line, Florium, Fleurette, Ahorn, Westfalia, Space Camper, Orange Work, Concorde, Womondo, Protec, Auto Sleeper, Dethleffs, Ilusion, Gehocab, Malibu, Pilote, Wild Ax, Vantage, Bresler, Tom’s Fahrzeugtechnik, Morelo, Swift, Carado and others.I do this by regularly attending trade events such as CMT Stuttgart, Abenteuer und Allrad, Caravan Salon Dusseldorf, Warsaw Caravan and Camping Show and sometimes others.I cover equipment, including 12v electrical equipment and talk a lot about lithium batteries.I also show some of the places I have visited in Europe in my own motorhome, as well as the places you can stay at! I try to give as much coverage as I can to official campsites and free places which I use for overnighting. Therefore you can find here the aire or stellplatz that you are possibly looking for.Please consider supporting me on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/alanheath

17 thoughts on “Ultra compact motorhome the size of a campervan. Challenger X150

    1. You sound like a real fun guy. Did it occur to you that different people need different things and that a compact van is useful to people who aren’t you?

  1. This looks a great little unit perfect for a couple or solo use.If there are durability problems with certain things needless to say they will need to be rectified, upon which it will certainly be worth serious consideration.

  2. That’s a great vehicle. I would remove the garage space making room to extend the kitchen countertop adding cabinets below and above. Remove the door from the dressing area and have it on the bathroom instead, also possible for a sliding door. The bed could be brought down halfway just to make additional sleeping space for two below, since I could see that the dining table could be extended, just about here 4:39 I saw the floor map and some images on the official website and I think all that would probably be possible.

  3. I won’t buy one where the wash basin doesn’t hold water, (unless there is a silicone rubber gasket around the basin where it meets the bodywork) it’s a stupid idea when in a motorhome you have a fixed amount of water in a tank. Crossed off my list, and that’s a pity, I really want a narrow body coachbuilt because it has more room inside than a panel van the same width. . . . .

  4. Nice vehicle with some lovely gadgets, love this review! And great that you can provide us with some honest feedback too.

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