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Jade and Opal earrings before resetting

J an d G brought in a few items to us that they had inherited from their grandmother. They each had one pair of jade earrings and one pair of opal earrings. The stones were beautiful and an inspiration in themselves, but what is even more interesting, is how different the new designs that we created were in style, following each sister’s personal taste.

Before: Plain ear studs with jade and opal to be set into a more youthful and modern design.

Before: Old-fashioned ear studs about to get a fresh look for the new wearer.

A ring with six Sapphires and one Diamond as well as a pendant with three diamonds could have been a challenge to design – but that was not the case with a client so open to an unusual asymmetrical design.

After: From Left to Right; Opal ear crawlers in Original White Gold. We supplied Diamonds to make the design more playful. These earrings have a left and right side so that they will climb up along the ear lobe.
Jade Earrings with half a halo, for a fresh twist on a traditional design. Handcrafted in 18K White Gold.
Simple Opal hoop earrings in White Gold.
Asymmetrical ring with Diamonds placed on one side and Blue Sapphires on the other. We love that the customer liked this design.
Two jade pieces meet in the centre on an index finger ring. Original white gold adds a vintage feel.

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