Trip of the WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin & Adminer WP …

Trip of the WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin & Adminer WP Database Plugins – SQL & MySQL
In this video clip, I offer you a Tour of the WordPress Database making use of phpMyAdmin as well as the Adminer WP Database Plugin which will certainly both aid you function with the MySQL Database that WordPress utilizes.

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I reveal you just how to run SQL Queries on your data source, How to Backup your WordPress Database, How to quickly eliminate Shortcodes from your web site as well as I additionally explain what each of the 12 default WordPress Database Tables are as well as what they do.

I additionally reveal you just how to boost the efficiency of your WordPress Website by removing old tables left over from WordPress Plugins you’ve erased. Despite the fact that you might have removed a WordPress Plugin, usually there are still MySQL Database Tables left over that occupy area as well as can trigger efficiency concerns on your site.

I likewise reveal you just how to alter web content on your web site using the data source as well as also just how to place a brand-new Admin User straight from the data source without needing to log right into your site. This is among the major factors I suggest that you safeguard your host account, internet server, data source as well as all various other qualifications for your online accounts due to the fact that if a cyberpunk obtains accessibility to your data source, it matters not what WordPress Security Plugins you’re utilizing.

Consider it like a financial institution that has the globe’s best Front Door as well as Safe Vault Door however the structure can be quickly passed through or burrowed right into.

By the end of the video clip, you will certainly have a better understanding of exactly how the WordPress Database functions as well as you will certainly be presented to 2 various means of communicating with the data source utilizing either phpMyAdmin or the Adminer WP Database Plugin.

The 12 Default WordPress Database Tables are:

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In this video clip, I provide you a Tour of the WordPress Database making use of phpMyAdmin as well as the Adminer WP Database Plugin which will certainly both aid you function with the MySQL Database that WordPress utilizes.

20 thoughts on “Trip of the WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin & Adminer WP …

  1. nice basic tutorial about how wordpress use the database
    but what i really want is making forms and add data to the database from the outside interface

  2. Thanks for your informative video, it explains exactly what the title says in a comprehensive way.
    I just looked for the adminer plugin but did not find it any more from within wordpress, so I looked externally and then found “This plugin has been closed as of April 5, 2019 and is not available for download. Reason: Security Issue.

    Apparently, there is another plugin called adminer that is currently available in version 4.7.8. Have you tried this one and is it secure in your view?

    1. @PixemWeb To be fair, i managed to follow along just fine. really helpful tutorial, Thanks

  3. Thanks for your video, Can I recover pages’s content from the database phpmyadmin ? Merci

    1. @PixemWeb you are welcome! Thanks for the great content. I want to become a python sql developer! Do you have beginner tutorials for wordpress? Am i starting in the right place? I want to learn the fundamentals of databases in WordPress.

  4. I’m a newbie doing my own site. I did delete and reinstall wordpress and after that it crash. Thanks for these tutorial. Hope i can set the database on my own. Its so confusing when its being setup by the hosting company

  5. Hi Joel. Thanks for the great video. I backed up my site, restored it and found all subscribers were set to role none. How can I use the database to set them all to subscriber again? I have over 37K subscribers. Doing it manually is a nightmare 🙁

  6. I try to figure out how to find my old website that I created in WordPress. Site is not active anymore but it was created in WordPress so all the information is sometwhere there in the database. Where do I find that? If I type my site address with /wp-admin I get the message that there is an error because the domain is not active anymore, but I just want to enter the database with all the page I created. How can I do that? Thank you

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