Top Paintball Fails #3


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17 thoughts on “Top Paintball Fails #3

  1. @5:00, my cousin and I made a final round charge for the flag like this. He ran out of paint, so we charged with him dry firing to draw fire in a kamikaze sort of move. The other guys all retreated. On the charge, he ran out of air. We bunkered down close, and he said alright, I’m just gonna go down hard. Scoops up a handful of old watery woods paintballs and takes off running screaming. They retreated again. We captured the flag. Ran out of time though lol.

  2. I dislocated my shoulder playing paintball years ago. Tripped over a root at full sprint while shooting with one hand. Resulted in an involuntary cartwheel. Shoulder dislocated in the middle of the cartwheel and then forced back in when I landed on it trashing my rotator cuff. Assholes wouldn’t quit shooting me, probably hit 50+ times while laying there disoriented, blind (goggles completely covered in paint after coming to a stop), and in pain. I kept waving the only arm that worked and they just kept shooting.

    20 years later my shoulder still bothers me.

  3. Pooped smoke thinking it was a video game 😂. I like the energy they had even if it wasn’t going to work.

  4. Bro imagine if there was someone using the inflatable that just absolutely flew away, can you imagine that, your pushing your enemy’s back you have a great vantage point and and a good cover and then your cover just nope see you later bi**h

  5. Bro I was crouched down and I went to get up and the mask hit the top and all the paint balls fell out

  6. 4:30 PAUSE.. what’s up with that DUDES SKUNK HAIR-DO???
    13:30 I guess he never watched how MEL Gibson in lethal weapon would put hemi dislocated shoulder back in place by slamming it into something

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