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Welcome to DESIGN SEED! Todays episode on design seed we will be sharing more than just tips, details of the kitchen design that most people would miss out and end up making a regretful mistake.We hope this episode could inspire and guide you through learning more about the right kitchen design that suits your cooking lifestyle.There are plenty of details about the kitchen that should not be undermined. Every design detail in the kitchen should play a functional role, a kitchen is not just for display, being able to fully utilize it makes very good sense in why you should spend on your kitchen design.Stay till the end of todays episode, as we will be featuring an invited guest onboard to share her perspective of her ideal kitchen design as a professional model spending most of her time now cooking at home.With todays advancement in mechanism development and technology, a large variety of materials and mechanism have mushroomed but which of these features should you invest on? More importantly, which of these features could fit into your kitchen.If you find some of the mention tips above useful, give us a shoutout on the comment column below on which was your favourite tip of the day!We hope you enjoyed today’s episode, my name is Alex Lee and I am from Design Seed. Please support us by slamming on that subscribe button and clicking on the notification bell right beside the subscribe button, to stay in the loop of more compelling episodes! Thank you for watching.——————————————————————————————————————This episode is sponsored by OPPEIN Home, a leading custom cabinet manufacturer with over 28 years of experience in the industry. To know more about OPPEIN, you could find the link here!OPPEIN Living Malaysia:

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15 thoughts on “Top Kitchen Trends|Kitchen Design Tips & Hacks|Oppein Living|Interior Design

  1. i noticed there is a plug point at the same place storing gas tank. Isnt this too dangerous ? if any leak or small leak it will explode due to electric plug

  2. All very beautiful. The possibilities are endless as long as you have the money. Unfortunately most of us can only dream.

  3. These are beautiful. I’m going to develop a home soon, God willing, and this is what I needed to see to generate ideas.

  4. Perfect…design, function, good apliances añd professional production of woodworking and also electric installation.

  5. Absolutely love it. Appreciate you very much for these tips. It’s like having a free course on ID

  6. Hi Alex I wanted to know where do you find all these appliances and cabinets from I’m trying to look for them but not sure what brand they are? Thanks love your video so much!!!

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