Top 5 silver coins to buy right now! (silver at $19) .com/watch?v=nbCHqOy7_HE

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23 thoughts on “Top 5 silver coins to buy right now! (silver at $19)

  1. All great places to buy from!
    Love Asahi, they are so clean.
    Look into Silver gold bull also. There shipping is kinda slow but they have some great deals. 😊

  2. Got lots of asahi 1 ozt rounds … I think try 10 random rounds .. you might find a high value old one … since silver is silver …

    1. Very true! I’d like to buy a tube of asahis. And a tube of random rounds and see what I get! Would be cool if I got some old prospectors in the mix

  3. Why don’t you silver and gold buyers call someone and find out what they’ll offer you when you try and sell you metals. You’ll be outraged at the loss that you’ll have to take. Pay them a premium when you buy and get screwed when you sell. What a deal you got.

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