In this video I share my personal list of what I think are the top 3 silver bullion scams that you should avoid. If you are a new silver stacker or a veteran stacker of silver I think that this list will be helpful in knowing what scams are out there and should be avoided. I define silver bullion as low priced silver that is purchased to stack. There are many more silver bullion scams than these, but this is my personal top 3 list. I think that if you can avoid these 3 silver scams you will be doing alright. If you are trying to purchase silver bullion bars or silver bullion coins this list will apply. Some of the things that I cover in this video are fake silver, and silver items that look like silver bullion, but are not. I appreciate you taking the time to watch and I hope that my video could be helpful to all silver stackers in knowing what scams are out there and should be avoided.Check out SD Bullion for GREAT DEALS on Silver and Gold! are some AWESOME products that I use:Inexpensive Scale for Weighing Silver and Gold Ring Capsules for most Silver Bullion Coins (38mm) Ring Capsules for American Silver Eagles (40mm) for Handling Coins[email protected] check me out on Instagram: you want to mail me anything here is my address:S. Dragons P.O. Box 304 Gresham, OR 97030Thanks for watching!!Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links where ill earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.#silver #silverstacking #silverdragonsTopics I cover in this video: silver bullion, silver bullion scams, silver scams, fake silver, silver bullion coins, silver bullion bars, silver stacking, silver stacking mistakes, top silver bullion scams, top silver scams, silver to not buy, fake silver from china, fake silver bullion, fake silver coins, fake silver bars, what is silver bullion