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In this fun toddler learning video, silly Miss Lily will help you learn colors and first words through engaged and interactive play plus we’ll learn the alphabet with letter boxes. Learn all 26 letters of the alphabet with silly Miss Lily while she stacks the ABC boxes with letters on them. This is a great learning video for toddlers who are just starting to learn to talk. By watching and listening to Miss Lily, they will be able to learn the names of all the letters in the alphabet and start to understand how they are used to form words. This best toddler learning video is great because it combines simple gestures with classic nursery rhymes. Some of the songs included are the Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You’re Happy and You Know it, Alice the Camel, and Open Shut Them. By watching this video, babies and toddlers will be able to learn vital skills like communication and how to follow directions. This video is also a great way for parents or caregivers to bond with their toddlers as they watch and learn together. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this cute and educational toddler learning video with Miss Lily!And if you’re looking for more fun learning videos, like first words videos, baby learning videos, preschool learning videos, toddler learning videos, education videos for toddlers, videos for toddlers, videos for kids, or more learn to talk videos like this one make sure to subscribe to our channel: you’re looking for this activity box for your toddler you can find it here: to our channel for more Toddler learning, Toddler learning video, Toddler learning videos, Toddler learning video words, Learning video for toddlers, Educational video for toddlers Educational, Learning , Baby learning Baby learning video, Baby learning words , Videos for toddlersYou can also find many Learn Colors for toddlers, Learn Numbers and Counting and so many more fun educational videos for toddlers on our channel.For more great Learn to Talk and toddler learning videos with silly Ms. Lily you can check out:Learn Colors for Toddlers | Best Toddler Learning Video | Educational Videos for Toddlers to Talk – Fruits, Vegetables, First Words & More | Best Toddler Learning Video | Learn Colors Learn to Talk | First Words and Baby Sign Language Basics | Baby Signs | Learning Video for Toddlers to Talk for Toddlers – Animals, Colors & More | Best Toddler Learning Video | For Kids to Talk for Toddlers – Colors, Counting, & Animals | Best Toddler Learning Video | First Words to Talk through Kids Books & Songs for Kids – Toddler and Baby Learning & Education can find silly Miss Lily on her social media channels at: #toddlerlearningvideos #abc #learnthealphabet #letters #abcs #toddlerlearningvideo #preschool #educational #learn #learning #learnenglish #learntotalk #toddlerlearning #videosforkids #kidsvideos #babylearning #toddlerlearning #firstwords #learncolors #animals #educationalThere are a ton of best learning videos for toddlers out there, but only a few are as educational and silly as this one. In this video, silly Miss Lily goes over baby sign language basics and baby first words. Babies and toddlers can learn so much from watching Miss Lily and then imitating her at home with the help of parents and caregivers. Parents and caregivers will also benefit from learning the signs and practicing them often with the children. With repetition, babies and toddlers will eagerly want to copy what they see in the video by imitating Miss Lily. So overall, this best learning video for toddlers is not only entertaining but also educational for both babies/toddlers and parents/caregivers.0:00 – Learn Colors for Toddlers with a fun Activity Box 11:36 – If You’re Happy and You Know It 12:44 – Learn Alphabet with Letter Boxes 26:00 – Itsy Bitsy Spider Nursery Rhyme 28:06 – Learn First Words and Baby Sign Language 43:15 – Alice the Camel Nursery Rhyme 44:38 – Open Shut Them 48:11 – Learn Jungle Animals in the Barn

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