This is Why We Can’t Have Online Competitions


I actually enjoyed making this one.Instead of responding to each and every one of your idiotic comments. I decided to do this.Maybe this will make you understand.Or maybe your heads are so far up your own butts that you won’t be able to see that you are wrong.I of course always am open to the possibility of you “don’t know what you don’t know.”If that is the case I hope that you now “know.”This is Why We Can’t Have Online Competitions-Coach Andy

18 thoughts on “This is Why We Can’t Have Online Competitions

  1. Welcome to another comments section.

    Today you have the opportunity to respond saying “Oh, I see it now.”

    Did it give her an advantage? THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THE VIDEO.

    The point is that anyone (Male or fricken Female) who does this should be given a No Rep.

    I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

    1. The early clamp actually does give an advantage even though she isn’t using it to propel herself upward, it’s setting her up for her decent before any other person, who is adhering to the standards is able to clamp, giving her a slight advantage.

    2. With the judge behind her, can he see the clamping? Or does it look the same with a no clamping knee kip? I don‘t know, just asking…

  2. Why are all you surprised? Remember couple of years ago CrossFit basically gave her a unlimited get out of jail free card since she has the “capacity of that of a games athlete”

    If she has the capacity then why didnt she do it?! I too can have the capacity of a games athlete at half reps. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. I have another issue with this though which is unrelated.

    Again – the wording of the standard is pretty crap…. ‘You may NOT use your legs during the ascent’

    Why? Well, take a look at just about every single athlete who took part who in any way kipped that movement at any point….. because surely that is ‘using your legs during the ascent’?

    If you’re kipping your legless rope climb, then you are absolutely ‘using your legs during the ascent’…..

    It’s just another case where the movement standard is vague and unhelpful in my opinion.

    So based purely on the wording of that movement standard – should that not mean that every single rep which was kipped is a no rep?

  4. Great video, the comments infuriated me too. Although she didn’t gain an advantage on that particular rep by clamping early, she did gain an advantage overall in that she never had to do the extra rep she should have had to do if the no rep had correctly been called. We saw how long it took her to do her 10th rep so add an 11th at the end of that and Brooke goes tumbling further down the leaderboard.

  5. Andrew is just the messenger, he’s not being aggressive towards the athletes, just relaying information with his take on it. I think your videos are very insightful and it’s interesting to see things at the semi finals (no reps/judges) that I would have missed! Thanks man

  6. I think the issue is that in a competition the goal is to win. Look at football, there is holding on every single play.
    The same goes in ANY competitive sport. It’s up to the judges to make sure the athletes are following the guidelines. It’s up to the athletes to find out how much variance they can get away with and still be in line with the judge’s rulings to get the fastest time possible.

    If you want a sport based purely on form then push for CrossFit to be judged more like ice skating.

  7. Looks like you triggered some people. The closer you get to the truth the more people will attack you… it’s like they learn this from watching politics

  8. “One rule to rule them all” :D Thank you for this videos and the forcefulness with which you talk. I love it!

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