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this video goes over a few of the different ways silver bullion coins have value, including face, intrinsic, base metal and numismaticemail – [email protected] Box – 85520 Nortown PO Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5N 0A2#silverstacking #silvercoins #silver

27 thoughts on “The Value of SILVER Bullion Coins

    1. Thanks bud, that’s awesome. My PO Box is

      85520 Nortown PO
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      M5N 0A2

  1. I bought 5 “Trump Won” 45th President of the United States silver coins just for fun. They are beautiful. Glad I bought them. 4500 minted.

  2. I personally don’t believe silver is a hedge against inflation. Most circulated common-date silver half dollars made since the 1930s are worth only their intrinsic value.

    1. The American half dollars are my favourite US junk silver coins to pick up. I haven’t grabbed any in a while but I’m always looking for a good deal. Thanks for watching bud!

  3. 9999 is most of what I buy. Bought some 999 silver bars. Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint is the bulk of my stack. Thanks rAgtAg.

    1. @Canadian Castaholic The 10 oz RCM bars are stunning! And I like the heft, look and feel of the NADIR bars.

    2. @Stormy Weather Just received my first RCM 10 oz bar today. No NADIR, only been stacking 2 months. Cheers.

    3. The maple is my favourite coin to stack but I think the Perth Mint is my favourite overall. Thanks for watching bud!

  4. You have to be careful with some of those “Numismatic“ products. I’ve learned over the years that most mints around the world produce lots of “limited series“ products. 15k mintage here, 5k mintage there, 50k mintage etc.
    When it’s all said and done, there are a crap load being produced every year.
    I do like the 2-coin Eagle set. 👍🏼

    1. I agree, there are a lot of collector coins out there that have a fairly high mintage and the secondary market isn’t too hot. I may get into collecting down the road. Thanks for watching bud!

  5. I just sold all my silver to get my penile implant. My gal was always upset at my gem-gobbler, so this video made my decision easy.

  6. Great content and you did a great job explaining things. Metals will be considered a strategic need with how things are going in the world.

  7. IF, Silver GSR Climbs to 2:1
    I wonder what would happen to the Real Value of Numismatic Silver coins and Rounds.

    1. Not sure, but I know if the ratio tightens that much I’d be trading a lot of silver for gold. Thanks for watching bud!

  8. 👍Brilliant again, if we add in all the minor overheads for obtaining them by post, driving for a purchase including for roll hunts to and fro to banks and I’m not including if labor costs were added in, if anyone charges labour costs at all because it’s not reflected in the prices. If it Was we would be paying double the prices. So even now the prices I sell my finds for don’t include all my hard work to Finds these items for a resale profit of virtually a few dollars, when it should be more for My time and labour and packing and posting etc. Cheers H

    1. Yep, Winnipeg, First Tuesday of every month they have new items, I’m hoping it’s out in June.

  9. Stop considering spot price when you sell. Take an avg of 5 online dealers and deduct 3%-5%. That’s how I price silver bullion.😎

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