The TRUTH About Trying To Sell 95 KILOS Of Silver Bullion: It’s Not Easy | Silver Stacking Problems! .com/watch?v=I2e77yZMXTQ

#Gold #silver #preciousmetalsIn this video I talk about the problems that silver stacking can have when coming to sell silver. The truth is that silver stacking is not a very practical investment and can somewhat be prohibitive of a quick release of funds when you might need them. Buying and investing in silver is something that a lot of people do not think about how to exit from. Selling your silver bullion is not as easy as you think, especially if you want to get the best price for your silver bullion when you are finished with your silver stacking. To be ready for all eventualities I talk about how you can best prepare yourself for the selling of your silver bullion and how to get the best prices for your silver stack. Ultimately if you want something more liquid and easier to sell in an emergency then Gold Bullion is always going to be better. Silver stacking is always second to Gold Stacking and this is why I will continue to stack gold and use the silver bullion I have to make sure that I can buy more gold in the future.If you would like to support our channel please check out our shop page for all our hand poured silver. the channel and show your support by becoming a BYB Rambling society member today! you would like to support our channel please consider purchasing our T-shirts please visit this link: safe, stay healthy all.Thanks also to the channel sponsor The Silver Forum! me on Instagram: @BackyardBullionThanks for watching and I will see you next time!Silver Coins, Silver, Silver Bullion, silver stacking, silver price, silver price forecast, silver prices, silver price forecast 2022, silver eagle, How to Sell Silver, silver stacking for beginners, Silver Eagles, Coin Shops, LCS, Coin Stores, buying silver, how to buy silver bullion, how to sell silver bullion, gold, gold stacking, investing in silver, silver coins, gold price, gold prices, investing in gold, silver bars, silver bar, bullion bar, selling silver

16 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Trying To Sell 95 KILOS Of Silver Bullion: It’s Not Easy | Silver Stacking Problems!

  1. selling before a bull market isn’t going reap rewards – people tend to buy when prices start to rise and charts show that – more retail buyers always come near the tops of bull markets.

    selling at spot price is kind of what is expected with bullion, unless you have something people really want – I think you are just being a bit of a negative Nancy

  2. Terrible timing is the bottom line. Silver is in a downtrend and looks like $15usd is in the cards. Wait for the reversal of possible. Unfortunately, it sounds like the seller needs the cash now. Good luck!

  3. I have been going into threads on YouTube e videos and telling people this for years. Silver and gold are Terrible forms of savings because you are at the mercy of what an LCS, local buyer, or online buyer is willing to pay. Silver is a hedge against inflation for SHTF it is a bad savings account and it does not meet the textbook definition of an investment.

  4. This guy’s primary issue is that he refuses to break up the silver supply. That is an extremely lazy way of selling. Finding one buyer who will buy that much generic bars for their absurd demanding price is delusional. People who stack silver and gold to that extent are financially illiterate. Completely absurd.

  5. As a dealer, 100’s and kilos fly out of my cases. In general these are well educated buyers that know exactly what they are doing. I deal with a wholesaler and not just kilos and 100’s but 1,000’s (Yes 1,000 oz bars) fly out of his warehouse. He has a shipment of 1,000 kilos coming in next week, they are all spoken for! I have watched guys walk in and do ratio trades and walk out with a 1,000 ounce gain, no money exchanged, it’s impressive!

  6. When I started stacking I thought about how to sell .. a coin shop is great if you have the right items … stack as much differant silver products is best .. a lcs would love 32 differant coins rounds or small bars than a one kilo bar

  7. I’ve never wanted anything in kilo+ size silver. It’s really a niche market. I do buy some 1, 5 and 10 oz bars but it’s only 26% of my silver weight.

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