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Invest in yourself and check out the first chapter of any course on Datacamp for FREE ! Thanks to Datacamp for sponsoring this video!Spilling the truth and giving you the reality of working at a big 4 public accounting firm. These are some of the things I wished someone had shared with me prior to joining a big 4 accounting firm.💜 Instagram: 💛TikTok: 📧 Business inquiries only (avocado $ OK too): [email protected] 👉Get 2 free stocks at Webull (not spons)🕙Timestamps: 0:00 Spilling the tea about big 4 1:46 How to survive big 4 with better excel skills (Datacamp) 2:46 Work-life balance at a big 4 7:29 Big 4 accounting salary reveal 9:42 Dating at big 4 11:14 What are the opportunities at a big 4 13:32 Turnaround at big 4//💥YOUTUBE ESSENTIALS -Tubebuddy -Skillshare (tons of FREE exclusive resources for anyone trying to enter the creative field):👁️LOOKBOOK -Oval Gold Dangling Earrings -Romand – Glasting Water Tint (Sanho Crush): -Peripera – Ink The Velvet: -3CE – Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette: -PONY EFFECT – Everlasting Cushion Foundation(rosy ivory)📸 EQUIPMENTS -Camera Gear: -Tripods: -SD card: -Phone: -Casetify LA Phone Case:🎬EDITING & THUMBNAIL -Premiere Pro: -Photoshop: -Adobe stock: -Students and teachers 60% off Creative Cloud: -Learn editing& more (for FREE):📕MY CPA EBOOK📚RECOMMENDED BOOKS 1) The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business: 2) Take Control of Your Life: 3) Girl, Stop Apologizing: 4) Rich Dad Poor Dad: count at upload: 127,194

19 thoughts on “the truth about big four accounting NO ONE TELLS (salary, “balance”, dating etc)

  1. Experienced associate making 63k a year in LA!?!?!?!? Wtf. Experienced Senior here, near the bay area, at a national CPA firm (top 25) and getting $100k, with way better hours than big 4

  2. Can anyone share their experiences, and maybe some tips, with the US Tax team at PwC? I am planning to apply for the US Tax Associate position which is an entry level position. I am reluctant to continue since I am not very knowledgeable with Taxation.

  3. Hi,
    The Big 4 work environment is from the LAST Century _closer to the 1950s work culture_
    Their top management are STILL STUCK in the 1950s and behaved like dinosaurs
    *AUDITING stands for (A)lways (U)nderpaid, (D)eadlines (i)nfinite, (T)raining (I)s (N)othing (G)reat*
    Today is year 2022. Are you still there?

  4. This is why I switched from accounting to compliance. It’s actually a 9-5 95% of the time. And started making 100k after my 3rd year.

    1. hey I’m an accounting major and have some questions on how you achieved this. Do you have your CPA? Did you work in a big 4? Go straight to private accouting?

    2. @Ignite Legend I just have a BS, did not go for my CPA. After my first accounting internship at EY I decided to go on a different path. I got my first job as a temp at JP Morgan doing Anti-Money Laundering compliance. After that went to a British bank and now I’m an Associate Compliance Analyst at a Spanish bank. (foreign banks have better benefits)

  5. I had an early existential crisis when I was in college because of accounting. That’s also the time I got addicted to coffee. With how hard you need to work to get your license, you’d expect a better life after getting it but nah. Almost everyone in my batch shifted to different jobs after working in a firm for about 3 years. Some transferred to private companies cos the pay is better. Some pursued Law. Some went to culinary or pilot school. Some opened up a business.

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