The SEO Lounge: Testing Your Way To SEO Success with Kyle Roof


The SEO Lounge is proud to bring one of our most popular guests, Kyle Roof, back to the stage to teach you how achieve outsized results through SEO Testing.Attendees will learn the step by step process to break through common SEO misconceptions, identify ranking factors, and apply test findings for profit (and fun).As a bonus, Kyle will share the 3 most powerful tests SEOs should be applying to every site they own in 2023. RSVP to join us on September 19th at 10 AM EST.Timestamps: 00:00 – introducing Kyle Roof 8:21 – Kyle takes us through the recent interesting tests and discoveries in IMG SEO testers section 15:23 – Kyle talks about his most popular courses inside IMG 18:55 – Start of the workshop 22:07 – Kyle covers the classic setup for testing in SEO 28:00 – How to choose your test keyword 32:23 – How to index your test pages 38:00 – Powerful test #1 (Google can’t read series) 46:40 – Kyle Roof explains what field observations are 50:09 – Powerful test #2 (Comparing GSC, Lighthouse and Webpage Test) 55:56 – Powerful test 3 (Building links with a link shortener) 1:00:30 – Q&A session at the end of the workshop

3 thoughts on “The SEO Lounge: Testing Your Way To SEO Success with Kyle Roof

  1. Kyle, the schema has instrumental value for rich snippets and other visual components of the SERP. You don’t need testing to prove that.

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