The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Health & Fitness Friends.

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Struggling to find the perfect gift for your health and fitness-loving friends? Not everyone will appreciate alcohol and chocolate this Christmas. This may be down to ill health, a career as an athlete, or a general preference for living a healthy lifestyle. No matter the reason, you needn’t worry about finding them the perfect wellness Christmas gift as we have put together the ultimate list. It also doesn’t matter what your budget is as you’re sure to find something on this list within it.



A massage is an ideal gift for anyone looking to improve their mental and physical well-being. A remedial massage such as a sports massage can treat specific areas of pain and tension in the body to prevent and treat muscle injuries. This is the perfect Christmas gift if the person you’re buying for wants to improve their mobility, circulation, and sports performance. A holistic massage such as a hot stone massage is a great option if the person you’re buying for wants to improve their whole well-being and is simply looking to relax. The great thing about buying a massage voucher is that it’s completely up to your recipient which treatment they choose.



Light therapy lamps are perfect winter gifts as many people lack the vitamin D that is usually received through exposure to sunlight. Light therapy lamps replicate natural sunlight and are used to treat winter depression (seasonal affective disorder). If someone you know suffers from a low mood in winter, then a light therapy lamp could really help them through the cold winter months. Everyone deserves a little pick me up in winter and this could be the perfect gift to boost mental well-being.



Aromatherapy uses essential oils to activate the emotional part of our brains. Inhaling essential oils has many different health and well-being benefits depending on the oil in use. Lavender is known to relax, eucalyptus to unblock sinuses, and lemongrass to ease anxiety. Your recipient can mix and match the oil in use depending on their mood in order to receive the greatest health benefits.



A happiness journal can increase feelings of gratitude and promote general well-being. We produce up to 50000 thoughts a day and 70-80% of those are negative. A happiness journal will help your recipient to focus on the positives in life and can become a great daily habit to distract from negative and anxiety-producing thoughts.



A fitness watch can enable your health-loving recipient to track and monitor their fitness progress. A fitness watch can measure the wearer’s heart rate, sports performance, sleep quality, stress levels, and of course tell the time. You can also use your fitness watch to keep an eye out for important messages whilst at work or training and it even gives you reminders to keep on moving.


We hope this list helps you to find the perfect health and wellness gift for your health-loving friends this Christmas.

Thank you so much for reading! – xo N

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