The money I spent on furniture, flooring, & Misc items after the house purchase | @All about Ireland .com/watch?v=XC2fG_VCsbw

A lot of people have written to me about the expenses once you have paid the 10% deposit towards the house purchase. I made this video on money I spent on furniture, flooring, and Misc items after the house purchase. This is a very detailed video with actual expenses and the vendors I went with. I threw some light on the mistakes I made as well as the cash-burn I had. Hope you like this video – Please do share with someone who is saving for these expenses. Write to me at [email protected] if you need the excel I presented in the video.Video Description: 00:00 Introduction 01:00 My house description 02:00 Basic expenses towards Stamp duty and flooring 07:30 Furniture Expenses 12:30 TV and other expenses 16:20 Best way to reach meMortgage Process Playlist: Best way to reach me: Email me at [email protected] Join FB group at career/Job hunting queries: Write to [email protected] or visit

18 thoughts on “The money I spent on furniture, flooring, & Misc items after the house purchase | @All about Ireland

  1. Another good one. Gives me complete picture of what to buy and how to budget for each item needed for each space! Kudos!

  2. Thank you for this. You haven’t mentioned refrigerator or dishwasher. Did you miss it or was it provided by developer ?

    1. I mentioned it in the video that they are provided by builder. Not all builders provide them. We also got induction hobs and Oven/grill from the builder

    2. @All about Ireland Great. Thank you. I will be in same situation in December. I probably missed it as I was looking more into numbers.

    1. Hi Pujan, I bought new house. I went with a snagger. I made a video with the snagger. it is in the playlist.

  3. Hi dear bro
    Hope you will be OK bro plz guide me
    I have IPR Tem­porary stamp 4 ( Irish Residence Permanent) card which has valid till 3rd March 2022 almost 1 year validation
    Will I travel to my home country Pakistan freely ? Or is there need any visa when I cam back to Ireland plz plz reply me must

    1. It is Direct Factory Sales. They have small pop up store in Greenouge business park. It is also their warehouse.

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