The Future of Education | Mike Howells | TEDxPCL .com/watch?v=PjJPn3TS2Qg

Mike discusses the future of education. Mike joined Pearson in December 2020. He is responsible for developing Pearson’s global strategy and further strengthening its corporate and educational partnerships as the company aims to expand and enhance its direct-to-consumer offering. Prior to joining Pearson, Mike was HM Consul General in Los Angeles, promoting trade and investment, scientific cooperation, creative and media collaborations and educational partnerships between the UK, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Hawaii. He has more than 20 years of international business and global affairs experience, having held senior leadership positions in the British diplomatic network and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, as well as working in international development, human rights law, the UK tech sector, and at HSBC. Mike holds a masters degree in International Law from the University of Nottingham and an Anthropology degree from University College London. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

7 thoughts on “The Future of Education | Mike Howells | TEDxPCL

  1. This is what was prevalent in Ancient Bharath India 🇮🇳 it is still exists inspite of many huge invasions which destroyed and still the western world is trying hard to eradicating it in every possible way… There are many such now as well to name a few, Rishi Valley School JKFoundation School Isha Home School or Isha Samaskriti etc…
    So it’s not future of education but bringing back to life what we left to be lost.

  2. Education up to the person wanna focus on PEACE, HEALTH, WEALTH, INDUSTRY or just for COUNTRY ☺️☺️☺️ Peace= RELATED with GOVERNMENT, Health= All type MEDICAL, Wealth= Accountant, Industry=engineering and country=focused on PARLIAMENT 😅😅😅 but without INDUSTRY ENGINEERING there’s no TECHNOLOGY!!! BUILDING!!!! HOUSING!!! and all type you can RIDING on the ROAD or in the AIR!!!! so respect who MADE YOUR LIFE EASIER!!!!!

  3. It would have been elegant and fitting if he had refered to the source of most of his ideas (including his storytelling skills)in the first half, being sir Ken Robinson. He even intonates like him. Important to spread the message he had, but be sincere!

  4. No. Just fundamentally wrong approach, and I don’t have enough place here to explain it, but I do know how to. Just trust me, learning will never be simple and joy – at least learning something practical and useful.

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