The Euro in Huge TROUBLE | Will Gold & Silver See Their Day? – Peter Krauth .com/watch?v=xAPl0_MTUy8

Peter Krauth joins us today to discuss the possibility of another 20-30% drop in the stock market. Furthermore, we discuss a digital currency replacing the US dollar, BRICS nations, the Europe energy crisis, Gold and Silver, and more.Peter’s Website: to purchase The Great Silver Bull: – Reddit – Monthly Newsletter – (NEW) Instagram – Telegram – Facebook – Silver Pricing for Wall Street Silver members – Sprott Money Silver Bullion –

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29 thoughts on “The Euro in Huge TROUBLE | Will Gold & Silver See Their Day? – Peter Krauth

    1. SIlver Queen Commemoration Coin, est 60M oz demand, but LBMA can’t provide silver? Is Monarchy Forgotten? Please do episode! Shame the LBMA!

    2. “average” new solar panels with degradation rates of 0.8% will have dropped to nearly 80% by year 25. Older ones can degrade at >2% yr.

    1. @Motoicon That’s about where I am, too.I think silver has a much higher ceiling than gold because of the insane amount of manipulation.

  1. Saying the Euro is in huge trouble is hyperbole IMO because it has been weaker than the dollar before and has survived intact. Checking the chart it was $0.86 in 2002.

    1. @mistercut And we in the USA are not?? Modern monetary theory (MTT) promotes the idea that deficit spending is perfectly acceptable as long it is done to prop up our economy and buy votes with taxpayers dollars to keep incumbents in office.

  2. They took the silver out of money and the masses didnt care, I see no reason why people would object to digital, I mean it’s convenient yea?

  3. Question: I’m new to buying gold/silver and I’ve been buying Sprott gold and silver physical trusts. Supposedly backed by physical gold and kept in Canadian mint? Is this trustworthy?

    1. What is third party risk? Who is the third party? Do you trust them? What sound does it make when you fondle your PSLV shares?

    2. If there is a big/major collapse/war, whats to sto the governments from stoping trading and nationalising strategic reserves of physically backed commodities. Is Sprott going to say: “do not touch this silver/gold that is RezFaraji’s”.
      Or if there is a cyber attack and wipes all the customer info and you cannot prove you own it, what then?

    3. @Menna Maranatha once you own your body’s weight, you don’t own it when things happen quickly and you need to relocate. NATO And Zolinsky Integration will not stand by and allow others to choose a hard Currency. This is a 1939 Germany Broadway Play to remind about one aspect of History.

    4. @Menna Maranatha so if you go on holidays and leave your home not in your hands (you dont hold it) what happens if it will burn down? and insurance company will collapse? Such a risk! Dont own any home !!! its dangerous!!! hahahah

  4. Limiting energy bills and reimbursing customers is just like enacting price controls.
    Price controls always result in a shortage of the commodity involved.
    If the government will reimburse you for your excess bill with your thermostat set at 66 degrees, why not turn it up to 70 degrees? The government will pay the difference.
    There will be more energy consumption under this plan which will result in more serious shortages of energy.

  5. “CBDCs are coming” ? I think that’s the wrong attitude. We should do everything to avoid that evil. It will be the end of privacy, liberty, freedom and independence. So please don’t say to viewers that they just have to swallow it and ‘position accordingly’. It makes you complicit.

  6. Since times immemorial, all world affairs were created & settled in royal beds… The life or death of general public NEVER was concern for royal scum.
    We have only two viable options: 1.Exterminating the criminal royalty – elites or simply 2. Lie down & surrender to get exterminated by them!
    All the bullshit empty noice talks about finance is wasting of our running out time.

  7. That’s a good interview with Mr. Krauth. I’d like to add that here in Europe energy intensive industries are shutting down: from my
    perspective that can lead towards a hyperinflation. Yes even bread bakeries in Europe are in trouble due to the energy prices. Imagine
    selling bread at a profit (which is their goal) only to be knocked-down into losses due to high electricity prices and natural gas. Plus
    the ingredients for bread (for example) are also going UP in price at the same time. The Euro will soon buy people NO bread. 🥶And
    then a Euro hyperinflation might show up it’s ugly nose. 👻Like a ghost from the past.

  8. I have two requests to Wall Street Silver:
    1. Can you interview Mr. Mike Norman from Pitbull Economics about GOLD and silver? 👍
    2. Can you interview Mr. Marc Faber (again) and talk with him about silver mining and silver
    supply/demand? 👍

  9. How come that 3 strongest currencies in the world JPY, EUR and GBP are introuble and USD is not? This is all bul$aite done on purpose! This is how.

  10. I gave you a thumbs up as always BUT the world can only have a reserve currency status with a big big bond market!
    That’s how the world works.
    The only other choice is the Euro and that’s not happening.
    Bad or worse nothing else will replace the dollar.
    There is no big gold bond market.

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