The Dr Paul Broughton Collection of English Hammered Gold Coins .com/watch?v=5C6YCh8UZOg

Tuesday 22nd March 2016 – 14:00 pm

17 thoughts on “The Dr Paul Broughton Collection of English Hammered Gold Coins

  1. These videos are so awesome. As a collector myself its like I am visiting a very astute collector friend of mine in his study lol

  2. I am absolutely dumbfounded to see coins being handled with bare hands. Even though these are gold and gold is resistant, the fact is its something I never thought id see at this level of education and experience

    1. yes its very normal to be touching hammered coins with bare hands, its more likely you are to damage the coin while using gloves

  3. Bravo for handling these coins – they are works of art certainly, and extremely valuable, BUT they are meant to be touched, that is part of the luxury of the experience – from the hands of a Tudor nobleman to the hands of a 21st century enthusiast. These golden treasures will be bright and crisp long after we are dust.

  4. This man is described as a “coin specialist” yet I see him incorrectly handling these beautiful pieces! If one is going to hold them with BARE hands, at least do so on the edges and not applying the pads of one’s fingers directly to the surface! For heaven’s sakes, this is Numismatics 101! Would this gentleman pick up The Mona Lisa in the same manner? We all have a responsibility to instill the next generation with responsible numismatic practices!

  5. One wouldn’t touch these rare coins with hands. gold is no problem but acid oils from hands is a no no when handling GENUINE COINS.

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