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In this video, I am breaking down the biggest designer mistake that I see over and over again! Yes there are lots of mistakes that I have pointed out on this channel, but this one is the one I see all the time. So get out those storage containers, it’s time to talk clutter!🛍 Shop My Favourite Items on Amazon🛍 Shop This Video➤ Cb2 – Suspended Media Console ➤ Cb2 – Metal Display Wall Shelf ➤ Cb2 – My Hide and Seek Storage Shelf: ➤ Amazon – Tufted Storage Ottoman Footstool: ➤ Amazon – Handmade Stoneware Bowl: ➤Crate & Barrel – White Ceramic Utensil Holder: ➤Crate & Barrel – Matte Black Utensil Holder: ➤Crate & Barrel – Acacia Utensil Holder: ➤ Cb2 – Alabaster Bath Accessories: ➤Crate & Barrel – Chet Ceramic Black Soap Dispenser: ➤ Cb2 – Mid-Century 6-Drawer Dresser: ➤West Elm – White Shallow Media Console: ➤West Elm – Wood Door Armoire: ➤ Cb2 – My Brass Medicine Cabinet: ➤ Amazon – Under Bed Fabric Storage Container Bags⏱ Timestamps: 00:00 – The Biggest Interior Design Mistake 00:59 – Store Your Items 02:17 – The Living Room 05:30 – Kitchen 08:55 – Bathroom 10:43 – Bedroom🎬 My YouTube Equipment🛋 Shop My Living Room Background➤ West Elm – Bar Cabinet ➤ West Elm – Media Console ➤ Crate and Barrel – Dining Room Table ➤ Crate and Barrel – Dining Room Chairs ➤ CB2 – Marble Coffee Table ➤ Amazon – Frame Television👉 All My📸Photo Credit: Google, Amazon, West Elm, Ikea, Wayfair, Cb2, Article, Rove Concepts, Sxcco, Crate and Barrel, House of Bohn (Instagram), Living 4 Media, Hubert👋 Heads up! Affiliate Disclosure!My videos, descriptions, and comments may contain affiliate links! If you buy something through one of the links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission, which helps me keep the lights on! Thanks!

21 thoughts on “The Biggest Interior Design Mistake

    1. I still have the old portable record player that plays 78’s and 45’s that I had as a child in the 60’s along with the child records that I played for my child and other children over the years. Kids are fascinated by playing a stack and watch them drop down.

    2. I’m not a minimalist but definitely don’t let clutter. I don’t like when kitchen counters have every single kitchen appliance and gadget on the counter and then no room to even make a sandwich- my biggest pet peeve ever. I like space.

  1. In the bathroom, I use a basket to store my daily items so it can be used in the morning then quickly returned to the cabinet.

  2. Completely agree with 7:15. Honestly my wife and I took away our toaster and Mr. Coffee coffee machine off the kitchen counter and put them in a cabinet. We only pull it out when we need it and put it back and out counter space looks so much better.

    I thought having specifically those two on the counter but it turns out it looks better with out them

  3. As a hairdresser… no my fifty million styling products are gunna be out where I can get to them easily. 🤣 Specially since my bathroom is annoyingly small and the only above toilet shelf that fit was an open one.
    But I found a little lazy Susan I can use in the bathroom, so they all stay on that in one contained area!
    Now if only I could find One company to love all their products so the aesthetics would all match. 😅

  4. Where do you all keep your used clothes that you’ll wear again, not ready for laundry yet?
    I hate to dump them on a chair as much as I hate to put them back in the closet. They need air in order to refresh a bit, not to be stuck in a dark closed place…

  5. Knowing I have undiagnosed ADHD hasn’t been helpful, but this is the first time I’ve heard of “object permanence” in regards to ppl with ADHD and now It All Makes Sense why all of my homes have suffered from this dilemma. Wowza. New subber!😊

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