The best new motorhomes and campervans at the NEC February 2022 show


Here’s our highlights of new campervans and motorhomes at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome 2022 show at the NEC. From the tiny Ford Custom campervans to large Mercedes-based A-classes, we’re at the show hunting down the latest models to go on sale in the UK.If you would like to see more videos like this you can help and support us by giving us a thumbs up, leaving a comment or subscribing to our channel.◼️ REVIEWED BY: Peter Vaughan, Group Motorhome Road Test Editor for MMM magazine and What Motorhome magazine Editor. Peter has been writing about motorhomes since the age of 14, has a love of touring France and is mad about old Italian sports cars.◼️ ANY QUESTIONS? We love reading your comments so don’t forget to leave a comment and we will do our best to answer your questions.◼️ VISIT OUR WEBSITE: for the latest on motorhomes and campervans and how to get the very best from your life on the open road.◼️ MMM MAGAZINE This video is by MMM magazine, which has been Britain’s best-selling motorhome magazine for every one of the past 53 years! To find out more about this fantastic magazine, which is packed every month with motorhome reviews, inspiring motorhome and campervan tours in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, all the latest motorhome news, technical tips and DIY projects to improve your ’van and the latest buying advice and tips just follow the link above.◼️ WHAT MOTORHOME MAGAZINE Our team of experts also produce What Motorhome magazine, which is packed every month with detailed information on new motorhomes and campervans, as well as expert buying advice and tips to help you find the right motorhome for you.◼️ CAMPERVAN MAGAZINE We also create Campervan magazine each month, which is for those who enjoy life on the road in a more compact home from home. Each month Campervan magazine features superb tours, campervan reviews, the latest camper news and views and top technical and buying tips.◼️ MORE INSPIRATION Join in the motorhome chat on our social channels too

29 thoughts on “The best new motorhomes and campervans at the NEC February 2022 show

  1. Nice review Peter. Will you be reviewing the Knaus 4×4 Man Tribal Edition? What are you thoughts comparing this to the Hymer ML-T 580 4×4 please. Darren and Sharon for Western Australia.

    1. No plans for the Tribal at the mo as it’s rather a limited edition. I think the ML-T might have more ground clearance for off-road driving, but I do like the MAN to drive

    1. Glad you like them! Don’t forget to subscribe. You’ll also find lots more motorhome content at

    1. Pension pots, downsizing houses, selling a business, inheritance… Many buyers are retired and, although prices seem high, residual values are excellent and you can benefit from years of cheap holidays, rather than spend it on cruises, etc.

  2. From just returned from a weeks rental in a motor home and we are curious and contemplating buying a motor home but two certain criteria is not a Fiat engine or cab, engine so agricultural, and that’s coming from someone who drives a Land Rover Defender, the dash is so cheap and nasty. Secondly, definitely no suicide door habitation entry. I see why there’s so many on offer as the market can’t keep up with demand but I see on this review two very nice Italian made homes with the on the left (right) side.

    1. Can I recommend a subscription to What Motorhome magazine?! – you can have print or digital. See
      There’s plenty of choice on Ford now, or even Mercedes, but my favourite chassis is the VW Crafter or MAN TGE.

  3. Did you get a chance to view the Three Bridge, Trek? Can you please do a review on it, have only been able to find a couple of short summaries of it but none in full detail. It looks interesting.

    1. We’re waiting for Three Bridge to supply the Trek for test. It needed to be re-plated to 3,800kg first

  4. I’m torn between the mobilvetta’s compactness, and the coachman’s build quality. It’s not easy, this mororhome choosing lark.

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