Tasker Update (App Version 4.17.0) – The Tasker Blog

Tasker Update (App Version 4.17.0) - The Tasker Blog

We made some updates to your Tasker app! Check out the sections below to see what changed.

January 2023

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Product Updates

1. Manage Bank Account Details

  • What this means: You’re now able to modify your bank account from the profile tab.
  • Why we did it: We wanted to make it easier for you to access and edit your financial information.

2. Introducing TV Mounting

  • What this means: TV Mounting is now its own skill! All other mounting tasks will stay within the General Mounting category.
  • Why we did it: We wanted to make it easier for you to focus exclusively on TV Mounting tasks, or avoid them completely if you prefer. To receive TV Mounting tasks, you must opt in to the new TV Mounting skill. For all other mounting tasks, those who are opted in will be routed to the General Mounting category—no need to opt in again. Any existing reviews, task history, and analytics will stay the same. Now clients will see not only the number of tasks you’ve done in a particular category they’re interested in, but also how many tasks you’ve completed for the skills in that category.

3. Expanded Character Limits
for Skill Descriptions

  • What this means: You now have double the space to write your skills and experience pitches (500 characters instead of 250).
  • Why we did it: We wanted you to have enough space to write your pitch or include a multilingual pitch if needed.

4. New Chat Support Experience

  • What this means: We’ve updated our live support chat experience.
  • Why we did it: Helping you successfully complete tasks is our priority, so we improved this feature to get you help as quickly as possible when needed.

Tasker Tip

Tasker Tip: One of the most important steps in any task is to scope it with your client. After a client sends you an invitation, you can use the chat thread to ask key questions to ensure you have the tools and skills necessary to complete the task successfully. Check out this blog post for sample scoping questions for our biggest categories.

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