Tasker Update (App Version 4.16.0)

Tasker Update (App Version 4.16.0)

We made some updates to your Tasker app! Check out the sections below to see what changed.

January 2023

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Product Updates

1. Category UI Changes

  • What this means: We’ve changed the look of your “My Skills” page. It’s now organized to help you better represent your skillset and easily identify and add new skills by category.
  • Why we did it: Apart from setting the stage for further category development, we wanted to show you upfront the most in-demand skills while also making the process of activating new categories simple and informative.

Tasker Tip

Tasker Tip: Did you know you can change your tasking metro within the country you’re approved to task in? If you’re traveling or relocating, this means you can cash in on demand that might exist in these areas. To change your metro, navigate to the new city and redraw your map. If you move permanently, navigate to the “Personal Info” of your app’s “Profile” section, click the “Edit” icon, and update your zip code.

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