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A penthouse living room decorated with a pastel color palette in the furniture and soft furnishings, with a beige sofa and soft pink tones in the area rug


stel tones can make an interior look so characterful, soft, and inviting, which is exactly the resulting effect in this gorgeous penthouse apartment in Sweden. The mix of pastel colours with unique wall art and classic furniture pieces turns into a wonderful space with an eclectic touch that shows a lot of personality and character.

The pastel colors are what stand out most in this apartment, yet the architectural details of this beautiful penthouse are really quite something, to begin with. Just look at those high sloped ceilings with the exposed wood beams and the abundance of natural light that hits the widows of this two-level home.

Pale pink and pastel hues in the living room

While the walls in this spacious living space have been kept white, the furniture and soft furnishings have a beautiful pastel color palette that brightens up the space. The living area is softened out by the Flower field patterned wool rug from Layered, which adds tones of pink, red, and a touch of buttery yellow to the space.

The art pieces on the open shelving combined with the wall art and the throw pillows in pastel colors turn this living room into a characterful space with a soft look.

Classic furniture pieces in a bold-colored dining room

The dining room is nestled into the niche area of the large living space, which kind of makes it feel like it’s in its own room. The white marble oval Saarinen dining table combined with the Panthella floor lamp are classic pieces that are enhanced with a mixture of brighter hues Vitra Panton chairs in white, pink, and mint green, resting on a round light purple area rug.

The focal point in the dining room however is the scalloped mirror by Gustav Westman which stands out so nicely against the white walls and follows many design trends. The dining rooms I see tend to either be playful or classy, yet this unique setup combines both with great style.

A greige kitchen enhanced with pretty patterns

While the main interior design is all about pastel colors in the rest of this rather eclectic apartment, the color palette of the kitchen is more modest with a light greige color on the kitchen cabinets combined with a beige natural stone. The same color combination is used on the custom-built kitchen island as well, which is more of a bar-type kitchen dining table with beautiful patterns on the upholstered bar chairs.

The white walls and ceiling combined with the light palette of the kitchen itself really make the aged exposed wood beams stand out in such a lovely way.

A mint green bar in a winter garden leading up to the balcony

The winter garden connects to the beautiful and spacious penthouse balcony. Inside you can find a custom-built bar module that has been covered in green pastel paint and enhanced with a custom mirror to reflect the bottles, which is a nice touch.

The same bar chairs as in the kitchen are placed by the bar, where just like in the kitchen, they add unique accents to the space.

A deep purple Togo in a room solely for lounging

Next to the living room, there is a separate lounge room behind a glass partition. I’m not sure why this apartment has two rooms with a sofa right next to each other, but the design scheme and color setup match perfectly with the adjacent living room.

The deep purple colorway of the Togo sofa adds another contrasting tone to the pastel colors in the space and enhances the interior design of the apartment in a subtle yet powerful way.

A bedroom with a purple wall

To match the pastel colors in the rest of the apartment, the bedroom has a purple accent wall combined with a light purple area rug underneath the bed, a deep green scalloped headboard, and a combination of pastel yellow, pastel blue, pink, and red tones on the beautifully patterned blanket. The bed is placed in the cozy nook underneath the sloped ceiling, which makes it such a snug spot to get a good night’s sleep.

A bathroom with a pink accent wall

The two bathrooms in this apartment are decorated in different ways: there’s a pastel version and a minimal and clean bathroom style in the penthouse. The small guest bathroom with the washing machine has light purple, pink, and mint accent walls, which brighten up the basic components, while the main bathroom has a very clean look enhanced with a dark floor and wood accents. The look of the bathroom stands in sharp contrast with the rest of the pastel interior design.

A pastels interior design as a red thread through the entire penthouse apartment

The pastel colors in this apartment can be found throughout the interior design and they give you a warm welcome as soon as you step into this spacious penthouse. I think it’s wonderful; how the combination of pastel blue, yellow, pink, and green can have such a playful and inviting effect in the space. Even though it’s quite daring to go for a look like this, with pastels that often remind of children’s rooms, it can certainly brighten up the look of an interior.

If you want to introduce pastel colors in your home yet you don’t want to go as far as decorating the entire interior with it, you can always try out just a hint of pastel colors in an otherwise neutral color palette.

I find pastels usually go best with a lighter base palette so that the contrast between two elements is softened out. Think of a few pastels in the throw pillows on a light sofa in the living room, or wall art with pastels against off-white or ivory walls. You can always play with mixing in geometric shapes, metallic accents, and different materials to make the look more interesting and less playful as well.

Styled by Åsa Copparstad, photographed by Elin Sylwan for Historiska Hem

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