StoneX 1 KG Silver Bullion Bar .com/watch?v=I7voCKte_WU

Hey guys and girl here’s a video of a StoneX 1KG Silver Bullion Bar bullion from This bullion bar is made for the European market and is a very nice detailed silver bullion bar that is available Tax Free. It is a piece of silver that is VAT free because it has a face value. This video will show you what the StoneX 1KG silver bar looks like its size and what it looks like in the hand. Hope it helps if you have any questions on Silver let me know. #bullion #stoneX #Bullion-bar #silver

20 thoughts on “StoneX 1 KG Silver Bullion Bar

  1. I always enjoy your videos, but I especially enjoy your videos on old Irish currency and coins and the Irish perspective of silver stacking. Looking forward to your next video….. 👍

    1. Yeah the only reason I went ahead with it was the good price and the premiums are insane nowadays. I’d say it will be hard to sell

  2. Sweet Jeebus, 😎😎 it’s not shiny enough!!! 😎😎😎😎 Very smart buying the kg bars. Lower premium and a considerable store of wealth.

  3. Not sure but I understand that when selling a kilo or more of silver ,in the states, it must be reported to the IRS for tax purposes. I do like the kilos but avoid buying them.

    1. I think that’s the same in the states from any bullion with out a face value. Also after dealers buy it they have to keep it for 18day before selling.

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