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his video I talk about silver stacking I compare silver rounds, silver coins, and junk silver. I know that the best type of silver for stacking changes over time and I do a deep dive to compare different types of physical silver in this silver stacking for beginners video. Silver rounds are very liquid, silver coins are trusted, and junk silver is easy to barter with. Which type of silver is the best depends on why you are stacking. If you want the cheapest silver then the silver rounds are currently the best. American silver eagles have a high premium right now so I do not recommend those. I hope that this video is helpful in comparing silver rounds, silver coins (like the silver maple leaf and the silver kangaroo), and junk silver. Below is my junk silver buying guide:Junk Silver Buying Guide – How to Buy Junk Silver Like a Pro UPDATED! Check out SD Bullion for AWESOME Deals on Gold and Silver! Dragon’s Website: are some AWESOME products that I use:✅ Coins Inexpensive Scale for Weighing Silver and Gold Black Ring Capsules for most Silver Bullion Coins (38mm) Black Ring Capsules for American Silver Eagles (40mm) Gloves for Handling Coins✅Metal Detecting Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector Minelab Pinpointer Metal Detecting Finds Bag Metal Detecting Shovel and Scoop✅ Youtube Cell Phone Tripod Blue Snowball Microphone Mic Stand and Filter Cheap Lighting Setup [email protected] Out Silver Dragons on Instagram: for watching!!Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links where ill earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.Topics I cover in this video: silver rounds, silver coins, junk silver, silver rounds vs silver coins, silver coins vs junk silver, silver rounds vs silver coins vs junk silver, silver stacking, silver stacker, silver stackers, silver stack, stacking silver, what silver to stack, what type of silver to stack, buying silver, investing in silver, why invest in silver, invest in silver, buy silver, silver investing, silver stacking 101, physical silver, silver, silver stacking for beginners, silver stacking tips, silver stacking strategy, silver stacking for retirement#Silver #SilverStacking #PreciousMetals

17 thoughts on “Silver Rounds VS Silver Coins VS Junk Silver – The Best Silver for Stacking

    1. Many say if the dollar crashes, at first metals will crash also. Bartering will be for necessities (they like to say “you can’t eat gold”), and metals used to preserve wealth *after* the crash/during the recovery. This sounds very likely.

  1. Silver is silver is silver.. Buffalos all day. When ever silver hits 50 an Oz, you will make more money having spent less right now.

  2. Know what can’t be faked? Ammunition. Also has real world utility and never loses value if untouched & stored properly.

  3. Many stackers are changing the name of junk silver to constitutional silver, which is way better! Junk silver is not junk lol

  4. My girlfriend is a cashier part time on the weekends and I showed her how to spot silver coins and since then every day she comes home with a few in her pocket .

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