Silver Bullion Collection .com/watch?v=UWU0MRRcgc4

Hey guys and girls here’s a new silver coin video. It’s been awhile since ive do a video on silver Bullion so here it is and i think it’s a go one. In this video i will show you my silver bullion collection, there must be over 100 coins in this case where i store some of the Bullion silver coins. I will go through the whole coin collection and give you information on collecting coins and bullion coins, as well as telling you how and where i got the coin from. I’ve been collecting coins since i was a child and i started collecting and investing in silver about 10 years ago. So most of the silver bullion coins in this video were brought about 10 years ago , and they are in a lighthouse case. I hope you enjoy this coin video, if you’ve any questions about silver, bullion or coin collecting let me know in the comments.