SECRET Launch Control Button in Karting


The SECRET trick to MONSTER starts in gas rental karts is bypassing the throttle cut-off mechanism. Just like we do in carbon-clutched race cars, you can pre-load a rental go-kart by 1. Fully on the brake, 2. Fully on the throttle, 3. Pull the throttle lever on the engine (is there a technical term for that lol?). This will build the revs so the initial shove off the line is greater. Have you tried this trick yet?⁣ ______________________________________________________ Instagram: TikTok: My Website:

16 thoughts on “SECRET Launch Control Button in Karting

  1. That’s literally cheating and you would get kicked off a real outdoor gokart track if they catch you touching the throttle lever lol

  2. Your the type of driver that says “how to heat up your tires before a race”, and actually brings a torch to heat up your tires and makes everyone think that’s totally normal and wouldn’t get you kicked out 🤣

  3. I know I have very bad starts at teamsport Notts but that if I asked anyone on the Thursday would call that cheating

  4. And those that don’t have throttle cutoff, they tell you straight away, no braking and accelerator at same time, or your out.

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