Second hand furniture in good condition | Charity shops UK | Pendu in UK .com/watch?v=uH8QyRg4YYY

When you just came to UK especially with your family thrn buying furniture and electronic appliances is big challenge for you. In this video, you will see charity shop tour UK. Here you can buy good condition furniture at cheap rates. Watch video till the end.📱Book appointments online –🔴 Subscribe to this channel –’s connect on social media:➡️ Instagram (travel stuff) –➡️ Instagram (for DM & Queries) –➡️ Twitter (for quotes) –🔎 Search Terms – Charity shop tour UK – How to buy cheap household items in UK – Cheapest place to buy furniture in UK – Second hand furniture in good condition

25 thoughts on “Second hand furniture in good condition | Charity shops UK | Pendu in UK

    1. @Pendu in UK bathinda kiwe jaiye vdde bai…mein net teh check kiti c othy 3500 di ayi jandi aa ahi t shirt 😅😅

    1. Everything you told . I visited here in coventry the charity shop mostly things are untidy and to much costly like the sofa you show £30, its more then 200 and washing machines are all £120 . And i visited after watching your videos . 😢

    2. @Amina Goraya There are many charity shops …. Big charity shop, british heart foundation …if you will search in different shops then you will surely get cheap furniture …. In big charity shops it is cheap as shown in video ….. sorry for inconvenience

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