Royal de Luxe Giants return to Antwerp from 25 to 27 August 2023

Royal de Luxe Giants return to Antwerp from 25 to 27 August 2023


Friday 25 to Sunday 27 August, the city of Antwerp will again welcome the Giants of Royal de Luxe, the famous French street theater company. Royal de Luxe has visited Antwerp several times over the past 20 years with their impressive performances. Even now, the arrival of these giants is traditionally accompanied by a free spectacle for young and old.

The city has had a unique collaboration with Royal de Luxe for more than 20 years and has already welcomed various spectacles of this company in Antwerp in the past. In 1998 she received the Big Giant and the Little Giant. In 2006, the Elephant and the Little Giantess walked through the city, in 2010 a real Diver came from the Kattendijkdok and in 2015 Granny Giantess and the Little Giant met each other at the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS).

Royal de Luxe also visited the city with numerous impressive performances, such as the historical performance ‘Peplum‘ (1995), ‘Little Stories‘ (1999 and 2002), ‘Sales at Sint-Jansplein‘ (2005), ‘The Revolt of the Mannequins‘ at the Meir (2012), the western ‘Rue de la Chute‘ (2012) and ‘Miniatures‘ (2019).

Alderman for Culture Nabilla Ait Daoud (N-VA): “Like many thousands of Antwerp residents, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Giants in our city. Being able to share this message is already a pleasure. What Royal de Luxe will bring, which Giants or creations will settle in the streets of Antwerp, that remains a well-kept secret, but that doesn’t matter to anyone who ever saw the Giants. They are coming, and that’s what counts today. Just put the last weekend of summer in your diary!”

About Royal de Luxe

This street theater company, specializing in grandiose and magical spectacles, was founded in 1979 by Jean Luc Courcoult and is based in Nantes in France. Royal de Luxe has performed all over the world, from Europe, Korea, China, Vietnam, Canada, Australia and Chile to Africa.

Photos by Thanh.

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