risk of orthodontic treatment – orthodontics lecture

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=xfdVa1KWsJY

orthodontics lecture on the risk of orthodontic treatment… we must understand and explain the risk of orthodontic treatment to the patient also.. this video include the risk of orthodontic treatment root resorption demineralisation pulpal injury periodontal problems TMJDS dental lectures of orthodontics lecture notes on dental pathshala connect with us @ https://extooth.com/if you enjoy watching our videos and if you want to support us, you can paytm us at https://extooth.com/donate/ or you can also paypal us at https://www.paypal.me/dentalpathshala

13 thoughts on “risk of orthodontic treatment – orthodontics lecture

  1. Could you please add more videos on mixed dentition treatment and prevetive and interceptive orthodontics

  2. Tmjd totally agreed, which orthodontics conceal, orthodontics is shitty.i got one after forcibly undergoing orthodontics treatment,realised midway of my ortho treatment realised what a bad idea it was.ortho treatment causes tmj for sure

  3. please tell me what is the solution for root resorption.
    I had braces for ten years 😥 now i suffering from root resorption. I don’t have any pain as such but i am worried and scared of losing my teeth.

  4. ,i have just had my consultation with my orthodontist they said i have root resorption and have to take a few teeth out. fingers crossed i can get braces on

  5. Orthodontists are deceiver, their profession and education is a question. I had extraction-retraction with a 25 year experience PHd doctor and professor in dental college.

    Ruined my face, resorbed my condyles, I can’t breathe through my nose and my airways are 3.9 mm wide, ideal airway side is 12mm, my head posture is worst.

    I have craniocervical instability.

    Beaware of orthodontists more than a thief, theif is after your money but orthodontists are after your reality, identity.

    They are deceiver, I was not infromed of these before treatment, their profession is a joke.

    Exploiting environment change which causes crooked teeth.

    They don’t consider airways, breathing, tmjs, parafunction, tomgue posture, body posture.

    Amputated my spirit, I had tried to commit suicide multiple times because of this decietful treatment.

  6. I have the fourth issue because of braces…my face has become flat…I have the same weight as before but my face looks very bad…I lost my beauty😑…If someone knows how to reverse the process. (Mine was 8 months braces by scaling and
    without extraction)

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