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Eating a smoothie bowl at one of my favorite restaurants in Dahab

Food is an integral part of any travel experience. So, if you’re a travel foodie and you happen to be planning a trip to Dahab, Egypt, this read is for you. I’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in Dahab that travel foodies will swear by. The Egyptian beach town is privileged with an astonishing fusion of cuisines and top-notch quality when it comes to the F&B scene. So, I guarantee you’ll be drooling over each and every dish!

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Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

Must-Try Restaurants in Dahab

There’s an endless variety of restaurants in Dahab to choose from, but in this compilation, I’ll only mention the restaurants that I personally swear by and would vouch for – the best of the best.

The Best Restaurants in Dahab for Breakfast & Brunch

Ralph’s German Bakery

The famed German Bakery is a popular breakfast choice that lives up to the hype. From heavenly baked goodies and sourdough bread to wholesome breakfast dishes, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the food. The Lighthouse branch is also a social hotspot for travelers, but if you’d rather stay somewhere quiet, there are two other lesser-known branches; one in Assala and the other in Mashraba. Either way, don’t miss their bestselling Apple Strudel or Nut Roll.

Location: Fanar Street, the Lighthouse; Assala Square; and Mashraba.

Xat Delights

Another bakery that’s just as good, but an even better spot if you’re a digital nomad looking for a quiet spot to work. Don’t worry about spending the day there either because they have a lunch menu too, and their burgers are to live for. 

Location: Fanar Street, the Lighthouse.

Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.
Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

Breakfast Café

Located in Alf Leila Boutique Hotel, Breakfast Café is an inviting spot for the early birds. Their menu is quite unique, boasting all your breakfast favorites, as well as other unexpected items such as Russian grammy’s traditional Syrniki dessert. And did I mention that you can also get your hands on Kombucha and Lassi there? 

And the cherry on top is that you can find my very own travel-themed card game, Roam Syndrome, in their games section to play there.

Location: Fanar Street, the Lighthouse.

The Vegan Lab

Whether your diet is plant-based or not, The Vegan Lab is living proof that healthy food can be super delicious, and Instagramable too. My go-to order though will always be any of their tasty smoothie bowls – they have a lovely selection. My all-time favorite was their Choco Loco, but since they no longer serve it, their Cherry Berry Acai Bowl is just as good. 

Location: Fanar Street, the Lighthouse.

Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

Tim’s Munch

This is one of my favorite breakfast spots in town, especially since it has a sea view and a super friendly staff. Some of my favorites on the menu are the Nutella pancakes, their sweet French toast, and hash browns. They also have a selection of Oriental, as well American breakfast options.

My pro tip? Try to avoid weekends or go super early because they tend to get super busy and wait time can be long. But don’t worry, because you can also play Roam Syndrome there too as you wait for your food to be ready.

Location: Rooftop of H2O Divers on the promenade, the Lighthouse.

Pancakes and fresh orange juice at one of the best breakfast restaurants in Dahab
Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

Coffee & Cotton

Four short words – BEST COFFEE IN DAHAB. For the longest time, Dahab lacked decent coffee places, but ever since this cute little spot opened its doors and this was no longer an issue. Their hazelnut-flavored frappuccino is to kill for! There are also a few breakfast and brunch items on the menu ranging from sandwiches to baked goods.

Location: Fanar Street, the Lighthouse.

Egyptian Restaurants in Dahab

King Chicken

King Chicken is Dahab’s most popular Egyptian food place – it’s a staple of any trip to Dahab actually. But since the place has gotten so busy due to its continually growing popularity, you might want to avoid rush hours to guarantee better quality. 

Location: El Mashraba Street

Egyptian food at one of the best restaurants in Dahab
Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

El Masry

My personal favorite is El Masry – it’s a lesser-known spot so it’s not as busy, but the food there is also great. I absolutely love their Egyptian Kebab and Steak (which isn’t typical steak but sliced beef/lamb, it’s just called that on the menu).

Location: El Mashraba Street

El Sharkawy

Another great option for Egyptian food on the other side of town is El Sharkawy. So, if you’re staying in Assala and Mashraba sounds like a long, you have El Sharkawy just nearby.

Location: Assala Square

Abou Omar

Abou Omar is one of my favorite spots and it’s kind of a hidden gem because it’s far away from the hustle and bustle of the areas near the promenade. That being said, it’s also super cheap in comparison to the other places as it’s not located in a busy area. 

Location: Behind the Dahab Youth Center

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Italian Restaurants in Dahab

Dai Pescatori

It may be a little bit pricey in comparison to other pizzas in Dahab, but if you’re looking for the closest thing to an authentic Italian restaurant, whether for pizza or other Italian dishes, Dai Pescatori is your place to go. Aside from the top-notch quality food, the restaurant’s vibes are lovely, especially during the day with that kind of sea view.

Location: The promenade, Eel Garden.

Asian Restaurants in Dahab

Box Meal

This Asian cuisine haven has come a long way ever since it first opened up – it’s always been on top of the game, but now it’s even better and better with their interiors update and newest menu additions. Whatever Asian cuisines you might fancy, they’re guaranteed to be on the menu – Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, you name it! And for all the sushi fanatics, they have that too! The dishes I personally love the most and highly recommend are the Black Pepper Beef with Rice Noodles and the Chicken Cashew. The Pineapple Chicken is also nice. 

Location: El Meleil Street, the Lighthouse.

Black pepper beef with noodies at one of my favorite asian restaurants in Dahab
Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.
Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.


Nirvana is not just the BEST Indian restaurant in Dahab, but it’s also one of the coolest spots to eat AND go for a swim. The place is a bit small, but if you can secure a table or a sunbed, then it’s great. You can order your favorite Indian dish and as you wait, you can go for a quick swim or rent a kayak.

Location: The promenade, the Lighthouse.

Lebanese Restaurants in Dahab


Seaduction offers a variety of Levantine dishes combined with pretty aesthetics and wonderful vibes. Also, the portions there are pretty decent, so don’t feel like you should overorder. My all-time favorite item on their menu is hands down their beef maqlouba – super yummy!

Location: Assala

Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.
Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.


If you’re down for a street food kind of experience and you don’t need anything fancy, then this is a great option. Beirut feels like being invited into a simple Lebanese home – Elie, the lovely owner, will put together something for you from whatever they have in their fridge if you let him go off the menu. 

Location: Eel Garden

Slow Cooking Restaurants in Dahab

Zanooba Slow Cooking

This restaurant specializes in mouthwatering slow-cooked dishes, so you need to book at least a day in advance. It may sound a bit inconvenient but I assure you it’s totally worth the wait. My all-time favorite order is their roasted duck that feeds 3-4 people. And trust me, even if you’re not a fan of duck, this dish is heavenly – it comes with rice stuffing and roasted veggies.

Location: El Meleil Street, the Lighthouse.


Another newly opened slow-cooking place is Isfahan, but this one is specialized in slow-cooked tajines. They have all sorts of flavorful tajines; my favorite’s also the duck, but the best thing about it is that there’s barely any wait time. You don’t need to book in advance here and you can simply walk in, but you won’t wait forever like you’d expect. My food was served in literally under 5 minutes upon placing my order – I’m not even exaggerating!

Location: El Meleil Street, the Lighthouse.

Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

Al Sultan

Craving Mandi? Then Al Sultan is your go-to! If you’re not familiar with Mandi, then you’re missing out on a lot – it’s this dish that usually consists of chicken or lamb that’s slow-cooked in a pit underground. It’s so yummy and tender!

Location: Talaat Harb Street

Restaurants in Dahab Serving Different Cuisines

Red Cat

The owner is Russian but the menu isn’t strictly a particular cuisine; in fact, it’s influenced by many. But if I’d have to recommend a specific thing, then I’d have to say Red Cat’s pizza is my favorite in Dahab, and it’s quite affordable too. Oh, and their honey cake will melt in your mouth – make sure to order it if it’s available. 

Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.
Dahab, Egypt © 2023 Curls en Route – All Rights Reserved.

Eel Garden View

This is easily one of my favorite places to spend the entire day. Their food is great and their portions are pretty big; they have beach access too so you can take a dip; and they also have WiFi so you can work with a sea view. It’s a win either way!


Tota is one of Dahab’s newest eateries and the lesser-known ones in case you want to escape the busy restaurant scene. Aside from the huge variety on their menu, they also have a spacious rooftop with lovely vibes and an internet connection. So, it’s the perfect place to work and dine. 


Sea view and good food, what more could you ask for? Friends is best known for their seafood but there are plenty of other options on the menu – I personally love their beef stroganoff. 

Seafood Restaurants in Dahab

I know this may sound a bit odd, especially for a born and raised Alexandrian like myself, but I don’t eat seafood. However, I can’t write up a guide on the best restaurants in Dahab without mentioning seafood, a Red Sea specialty. So, I’ll be dropping some recommendations by my trusted foodie friends.

  • Friends
  • Ali Baba
  • Shark
  • Darwish

Other Places to Check out for Yummy Treats

Make sure to save this for your next trip to Dahab to know where to keep your bellies happy next time you’re in town. And don’t forget to check out my other Dahab guide for things to do and places to stay

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