Rece Davis And David Pollack Will Lend Voices To EA Sports College Football 24 – Stick Skills

There is some big news today regarding the announcers and other voice talent in the upcoming EA Sports College Football 24 game.

While on the road with ESPN’s College Gameday crew in Montana, David Pollack confirmed that he will be providing voice talent in the new game.

When Rece Davis was asked the same question he smiled and said, “He isn’t sure how he is allowed to answer but he will be real busy on Monday” followed by a wink.

This report comes from Matt Brown of Extra Points who has done incredible work to track down details on the new College Football video game.

In the last college football video game, NCAA Football 14, Rece Davis and David Pollack did the halftime show and breakaway in-game updates.

For nostalgia’s sake and as a preview of what might be in College Football 24, here is a reminder of what that looked and sounded like.

Whether or not Davis and Pollack assume their old roles or move into a roles still remains to be seen.

Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler were the in-game announcers in the last NCAA Football video game but that was 10 years ago.

It is pretty clear at this point the EA Sports has re-inked some sort of deal with the ESPN crew. Nessler has since moved on to call games on CBS which makes it very unlikely he will be the play-by-play guy in this year’s game.

While there is a chance that Kirk Herbstreit could lend his voice to the new game as he did in the past, it is too soon to know for sure.

Herbstreit has a lot on his plate with his regular duties at ESPN to go along with his new gig calling the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games with legendary play-by-play man Al Michaels.

Assuming that EA Sports does go with an established ESPN crew (which is a relatively safe assumption at this point) some of the front runners for the in-game announcers are:

  • Chris Fowler
  • Kirk Herbstreit
  • Holly Rowe

Or EA Sports could go with another crew that college football fans would surely recognize like one of these:

  • Sean McDonough
  • Todd Blackledge
  • Molly McGrath
  • Joe Tessitore
  • Greg McElroy
  • Katie George

ESPN has an impressive stable of college football announcers so we’ll likely get a pretty authentic gameday experience.

Regardless of which announcers we get in the game, college football gamers will likely be very happy.

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