Item Categories, Tags, & Attributes – WooCommerce Guided Tou…

Item Categories, Tags, & Attributes – WooCommerce Guided Tour

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  1. Hello there… The Variable Product keeps going back to simple product after I save it. It is stored under the variable settings but it’s not appearing on the website; Please advise on possible causes & solutions… ANY DEDICATED EMAIL FOR WOOCOMMERCE ?
    I have updated WooCommerce status TOOLS; TRANSIENTS; plugins & themes but the settings are not changing to new updates of VARIABLE PRODUCTS

  2. Thanks for explaining this. It’s helping me learn wordpress too as I need to edit my friend’s boxing shop website. It’s all new to me but quite exciting. Thank you

  3. I’m looking for a solution either a theme or plugin which allows the attribute description to be shown

  4. Thanks a lot for your explanation. is there a way to create different product page for different product categories. In other words- can flatsome theme have multiple product pages as per categories

  5. I wish the music was not so loud. It is not needed and it complicates understanding. + It would be nice to mention how the solve the problem when nested categories are not displayed and all the items inside are shown in the parent category. It is a common issue.

    1. Ok, so after long struggling I have discovered that it is not enough to set “Display type” once for the parent-category, but this MUST be set to every single child-category as well. Then is works. I would suggest to add checkbox “apply display-type to all child-categories” or just info “Do not forget to set correct display-type also to all child categories”

    2. @Radin Černý Thank you! This really helped me! I was wondering if you know how to make it so the child categories only show up nested under the parent category, and not on the main category list?

  6. You cannot load products in a category without putting them in the general products. If you remove them from General, it disappears from the category as well.

  7. I sell many different items on my website. How do I make a category for my sold items, separate from the rest of my products. So people can choose to review the items that sold from my shop, without the items showing up on the main shopping area. Thank you!

    1. Hey, I have a solution for you! Since you want to show sold items separately. make a new category in product > categories option and add “sold” as a category. Now in your products page just enter the products you want to show as sold and select the category from the plan on the right and deselect any other category if selected. If not already selected just select sold. Save..Next up from the front end go to the grid view or any other view of the page and scroll down in the option select taxonomies (post types) > search for sold categories > then click on the small plus icon when it turns into a minus sign that means it will exclude all items from sold category. Hope this helps let me know

  8. Why does my products show in every category. So when clicking on biscuits it shows my beverages products. How do I fix it. Thanks

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