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This PMS is for free and can only be installed/run in Windows OS. With Backup and Restore Feature, Payslip Generator, Live display of PMS data from Dashboard and an Attendance Manager.First Part: Second Part:*Updates: V1_2…………………. Looping error fixed. V1_3…………………. Added Currency Settings under options. V1_4…………………. Added Attendance Manager V1_5…………………. Added an Attendance Viewer under ‘Show Details’ when making Approximate Salary. Added an Exit Button. The time dashboard auto refresh has been decreased. User will now notify when an image was deleted from file when viewing. Bug fixes. V1_5_1……………… Syntax Error (Leap Year Bug and Static End of Month) has been fixed. V1_5_5……………… Added a Monthly Line Chart Viewer on the Dashboard. Fixed InOutAttendanceProj.exe error when logging in and out without it being launched through Payroll.exe. Fixed unable to add Attendance on some pc. Added a warning when deleting a Department and Designation when it is being used by Employee ’cause doing so will also delete those Employees. Added the ability to modify Employee ID (previous generated payslip is not affected). There are changes on the database so restoring your previous data using Backup will cause an error. Bug fixes. V1_5_6………………. Added percentage option when adding Overload (as suggested). You can restore your data from previous version (1.5.5 only) using Backup and Restore. Bug fixes. V1_5_7………………. Added smaller paper support when generating payslip. You can restore your data from previous version (1.5.5 and 1.5.6 only) using Backup and Restore. V1_6_0………………. New Advance Repayment feature added: When making an advance you can now divide or spread repayment to be given every paycheck using this feature. Visual improvement for Dark Theme. The chart on the dashboard is now printable. Fixed Overload Amount not being recorded when using new method of computation. Attendance for signing in and out have visual improvements. Bug fixes. There are Database changes so Backup and Restore won’t work. V1_6_1……………….. New Payroll Summary Report Feature. V1_6_2……………….. Fixed Summary Report computations and UI.Latest:V1.6.1 | See changelog.txt for full changesYou can download it here: Mirror: Mirror PPD Link (Direct): UnavailablePMS Default Username/Password: juanNote about download link: Some browser will warn you because it is unsecure just click the advance then proceed, then when loaded just click the yellow ‘Skip Ad’ button at the top right corner, when the site forces you to allow Notification permission you can allow it then you’ll be redirected to the Folder, I recommend to please reset the notification permission after that because will continue sending you ads through your browser, to do that go to browser settings for Chrome, then Privacy and Security, find Site Settings, head to Recent activity then find the and Reset Permission, if you cant find the Recent activity, see Notifications under ‘Allow’ find click then Reset Permission. Thanks.I might update it if u/I found any errors. This is my first solo project so bear with me.Email: [email protected] A cup of coffee is always welcome: to my mentor sir ‘Jmil Beltran ur the best!

17 thoughts on “Payroll Management System for Small Business Free Software (Payslip Generator)

  1. Out of curiosity I transferred my youtube channel to brand account and all of my previous comments was deleted so here are some summary of my replies that might help you…


    • Username and password is juan.
    • I already fixed the looping error (paulit ulit na nag pa pop-up) when you run the Payroll.exe without extracting the zip which is not recommended in the first place.
    • Technologies that I used to make this are: Delphi is the IDE, MS Access for Database and FastReport for generating reports.
    • While making this PMS I can barely understand the function of Increment and just skipped that part and totally forgot. Also already added the currency options under settings as suggested.
    • Attendance is also a good suggestion so I already added that.
    • This software was made under VCL Framework which made by Microsoft and only supports windows and will remain so. But still, I’ll try to find other way to extend its compatibility.
    • When downloading click the link on the description you’ll see a V1 folder double-click that and choose the zip file with ‘Latest’ on its filename double-click that and on the top-right corner you’ll see a download icon click it and save.
    • As long as you have a windows machine this PMS will probably work in any country because I added a currency options.

    1. some files are missing or you did not extract the zip yet! yan po ang error pero na unzip ko na din naman na sya

  2. i have a suggestion boss. my suggestion is you make deduction to affect individual employees instead of making it affect all the employees at the same time. thanks

  3. sir i want to use your system for my small business. But i cannot put pictures on employees, there’s an error. And also is it possible that i can put my logo in the home page and edit the color into red and yellow combo. Thanks and more power!

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