Below are some suggestions for packaging & flying with clinical tools!
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Below are some ideas for packaging & flying with clinical tools!


  1. You guys!!! Let me know your flying tips- medical or just normal flying tips! Let’s flood the comments with good ideas :) ready, set, take off!

    1. I hope you see this, I have cystic fibrosis and diabetes as well. I have service dog but never went on an airplane with him how does that work? Can my dog stay with me. If you could make a video on it it would be really helpful

    2. Fortunately, I don’t have lots of medical equipment for my chronic illness (I’ve got 2-5, depending on how you want to count them, but, at least at this point, I don’t have bulky equipment for any of them that I have to take with me every time I fly), so I don’t often have to pack an extra bag for that stuff (yet – once I get my SD, then I’ll be packing another bag every time, most likely). I also keep my emergency meds and, since my pillbox has removable boxes for each day, I take out the boxes that I’m for sure going to need, then an extra, and put them in an easy-to-access pocket in the carry-on bag that’ll go at my feet.

      If I’m flying only carry-on, then I take as little of the liquids (toothpaste, shampoo, etc., already in travel bottles) as possible, because I have a lot I have to fit into a single quart bag. I also only take as much clothes as I know for sure I’m going to need and will actually wear, then roll them (and sometimes put them in plastic bags and get as much air out as I can) and put them in my suitcase.

      If I’m checking a bag (I prefer carry-on only, but sometimes checking a bag is necessary), then I cram as much stuff into that suitcase as I possibly can (while keeping it under 50 lb. – I think the heaviest I’ve had is 40), *except* for what I’ll need 1) while I’m actually on the plane or in the airport, and 2) the bare necessities (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, change of clothes) in case my luggage doesn’t come or I get stuck somewhere overnight without it. I actually got stuck somewhere last summer overnight because of a canceled flight and didn’t have my suitcase, so I know how essential having those toiletries (some airlines will sometimes give you a courtesy bag with toiletries, but I have weird allergies so I have to use my own; still, don’t count on it) and a simple change of clothes is. I cram as much of my toiletries as possible into my suitcase so that my quart bag has only the essentials.

      I always have a bag with me that’ll go under the seat in front of me (usually my school backpack, but I’ve occasionally used something smaller) that holds the things I’ll need on the plane or in the airport (including a change of clothes).

      Plane seats make my back hurt (they don’t have back support where I need it), so I bring a cylindrical pillow to put behind my back which I jam into the crack between the seat and the seat back. That makes a world of a difference, and it leaves my jacket or sweatshirt available to be my blanket (because I mean, come on, it’s impossible to stay warm on a plane without one), since I have to have cold air blowing on me to keep from overheating and getting out of breath, but I also need to stay warm at the same time. This pillow fits into the mesh pocket on the front of my backpack, so it’s easy to carry.

      Occasionally, I have had to sleep on the plane (trans-Atlantic flights to Europe and back). I can’t fall asleep without a decent amount of weight on me, so those little blankets they provide just aren’t enough. So I bring my weighted blanket, which, because it’s technically a medical device, they can’t deny (I once had an airline staff member try to tell me I couldn’t bring it when I was waiting in line to check in, but I knew she was wrong), even if bringing it means I’m over the bag limit. I usually rig this up in a tote bag so that it sits on top of my suitcase when going through the airport – again, one less thing to carry. This the one and only piece of bulk medical equipment that I have at the moment, and I don’t always bring it when I fly.

      I sometimes get really bad altitude sickness on planes, so I bring along something ginger – either ginger chews or candied ginger (the chews are more effective for me) – and that helps head off the nausea and headache.

      As for generic tips:

      -Print your boarding pass(es) (if you can’t get them on your phone), check in, pay for luggage (if any), etc., the night before. It makes everything go so much more smoothly and quickly (and some airports – mainly smaller ones, I think – make you pay to print your boarding passes at the airport; my home airport is like this).

      -Empty your water bottle before you get to the airport, or bring an empty one that you can fill up after you go through security. This prevents you from having to throw it away, and also gives you a way to get water without having to pay for it.

      -Untie your shoes, take off any metal, jackets, etc., while still waiting in the security line – it makes it go so much faster for both you and everyone else behind you.

      -Already have your liquids in the quart bag, and have that bag tucked somewhere easily accessible (I keep mine in an outside mesh pocket of my backpack) so when you have to pull it out to put in the bin at security, it’s quick and easy.

      -Pack all electronics (except for a laptop), including all cords, chargers, etc., that you’re taking in your carry-on in a single bag that you can easily pull out and set in the bin – if it gets flagged for inspection, it takes far less time because they can tell right away what stuff made the buzzer go off (the electronics vs. your entire bag), rather than taking the time to rifle through the entire bag that they would have otherwise been packed in. One time, I had all my electronics, cords, etc. stuffed into a bag with a ton of other stuff, and they had to go through the entire bag instead of just one or the other; I had the time, but it was a huge pain.

      -If you’re checking a bag at the gate, make sure they put the correct kind of tag on it. I once checked a bag at the gate and they sent it to the baggage claim instead of returning it at the gate. Fortunately, I had a 4-hour layover, but I had to go down and wait for it at the baggage claim, bring it back up, wait over an hour in the check-in line, check in again, go through security again, then get back to my gate. I could have saved 3 hours just by making sure it would actually get “gate-checked”, not “checked”.

      -(I learned this one right before my first overnight flight 2 1/2 years ago.) If you’ve ordered a special meal (gluten-free, etc.), check with the galley attendant before the plane leaves the gate to make sure they’ve got it and that it has the correct seat number.

      -If you’re on a long flight, get up every couple hours or so to walk around so you don’t get so stiff. I’ve found that one of my legs gets swollen and numb if I don’t do this often enough.

    3. The Frey Life something I’ve done for trips, is I “live out of the bag” for at least 24hrs. (depending on how frequent some meds are) so if I need something not in the bags, I’m at home & can grab it

    4. i guess Im randomly asking but does any of you know a method to log back into an Instagram account?
      I stupidly forgot the account password. I love any tricks you can offer me.

  2. Thank you for covering the part about medical supplies flying for free!! I’m flying next month, so I’m so grateful you guys posted this. I’ve always cut down on the amount of clothing and stuff I bring to make sure I have enough room for all of my medical supplies! I never realized if I had my supplies in a separate bag I’d be able to have a normal amount of clothes with me.

  3. what happened to the monarch vest that you gotten? wouldnt that be easier to travel with than the big bulky vest machine?

  4. I pack my meds in the comblers, but I put a printed out list of medication, dose, etc (and pill description) so the airport isn’t like “AHHHHHHH DRUG DEALER!”

  5. Hi, I’m Brazilian, and I just love yours vlog… You guys are so awesome and has taught me so many things, including having joy in hard moments… There are 2 reason that is moving me to write this, actually. One, I’m so glad, to actually find and a channel, where the people talk in English so much… Smoothly… I’m learning English and I just appreciate this so much. And the second reason is, because I also learn LIBRAS that mean, translated to English freely, Brazilian language of signs (match with ASL and things like this) and when Peter said: be in an airplane you, for real, made de sign of “flying in an airplane” sign, for me, it’s so funny because the coincidence!! Just love you guys! Stay strong and all the prays for your family!!
    PS: Ollie boy is amazing.

  6. Did you know if you just have 1 bag full of only medical supplies. Airlines cant chg baggage fees. And it can be gate checked. Not checked in bag.

  7. If I bring a humidifier to attach to my trilogy ventilator for sleep at night that the bags of water connected to the humidifier I need are counted as medical supplies it won’t surpass the liquid limit because it is medical related? Is that more of a tsa question.

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