Overview of Payroll Management | A Beginners Guide

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Overview of Payroll Management | A Beginners Guide. Payroll Management is the process consisting of the calculation of salaries and statutory deductions as well as the disbursements of salaries to employees. #PayrollManagement #OnlineCourse #PayrollAdministration πŸ“ŒDo you need someone to talk to as regards your career aspirations? You can book a FREE 30-mins Career Clarity Session with Segun Akiode with this link: https://segunakiode.com/clarity-call/ πŸ“² Remember to subscribe to my channel @Segun Akiode for more videos. πŸŽ€You may be interested in the following Human Resources Insights Episodes: πŸ“Œ Payroll Statutory Remittances in Nigeria – https://youtu.be/NIaBlAshzhk πŸ“Œ Payroll Software Review of SeamlessPayroll Software – https://youtu.be/HsazlwVmZw0 πŸ“Œ How To Conduct A Payroll Audit – https://youtu.be/gcCvt5TEotI πŸ“Œ Finance Act 2020 and Personal Income Tax in Nigeria – https://youtu.be/sxY5aeSDRG8​ πŸ“Œ How To Reduce PAYE Tax in Nigeria (LEGALLY) – https://youtu.be/2PzEoUmXSD8 πŸ“Œ Overview of Payroll Management – https://youtu.be/Wx-RLKYjNwI πŸ“Œ Gross Pay Vs Net Pay: What’s The Difference? – https://youtu.be/_UepVi5bfhM πŸ“Œ Understanding Salary Structure in Nigeria – https://youtu.be/s2WSYaAoGYE β˜…β˜†β˜… CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA β˜…β˜†β˜… 🐦Twitter: – @segunakiode – https://twitter.com/segunakiode πŸ“Έ Instagram: – @segunakiode – https://instagram.com/segunakiode πŸŽ™οΈ Podcast: https://anchor.fm/segunakiode 🌍 Website: https://segunakiode.com

16 thoughts on “Overview of Payroll Management | A Beginners Guide

  1. Do you have subtitles or closed captioning on your video’s? It would really help someone like me that has a hearing loss.

    1. @Pamela Blake – yes, subtitles or closed captioning is available. You just need to turn it on for the videos.

    2. @Segun Akiode that’s great but I did tried both for you video and they did mot appear. Thank You

  2. Is there a video on how to automate these deductions? Some of these deductions varies monthly and for a large staff strength ..can be time consuming .

    I need to be able to fit in new updates easily using any formula n excel. Pls help direct me to relevant videos. Thanks sir

  3. Hello Mr Segun

    I neede to understand some basic about payroll manage,ent today and your channel was a great resource. Please can you a video for small business owners who want to run their payroll themselves so they can be regulatory compliant.
    Thank you.

    1. @Igwe Philipa – I am glad you found my YouTube channel valuable. I will add your request to my video content calendar.

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