Odoo Accounting Simplified

https://www.youtube .com/watch?v=Ylp1aQtzn6w

In this webinar, Patrick will show you how to set up your accounting system using Odoo. He’ll cover topics such as general acccounting, asset management and multicurrency and explain how you can get the most out of your Odoo database. Interested in trying Odoo Accounting? Learn more at https://www.odoo.com/page/accountingIf you want to get in touch with Patrick to discuss your business needs, book an appointment with him at https://www.odoo.com/r/demo-plukusa========= 1:23 – About Odoo 4:56 – Why Odoo Accounting? 6:22 – Getting Started with Odoo 8:26 – Accounting Overview 9:03 – Create an invoice 11:10 – Record payment 11:49 – Upload vendor bills 13:48 – Journal entries 14:54 – Follow-up reports 16:25 – Account receivables & payables 17:34 – Tax report 19:34 – Profit & loss 22:26 – Multi-currencies 24:44 – Budget management 30:20 – Assets 33:07 – Bank statement import 36:23 – Multi company 39:34 – Consolidation 40:29 – Q&A

16 thoughts on “Odoo Accounting Simplified

  1. For a Micro Finance Company, can you show how one can track repayments and send multiple reminders to the business owner and customers over a long period of time for different clients?

  2. We issue an Invoice to a customer with 16% sales tax. The customer pays us after deduction of sales tax and withholding tax.

    Invoice Issued
    Invoice Amount 1,000/-
    Sales Tax @ 16% 160/-
    Total Invoice 1,160/-

    Customer Paid Us as follows (Withhold Sales Tax and Income tax @ 3% on the total of the Invoice amount)
    Sales Tax 160/-
    Withholding Tax @ 3% 34.8/- (1,160/- @ 3%)
    Customer Paid us 965.2/-.

    Please confirm that how can I address the sales tax and withholding income tax when receive payment from customer. Your good reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. actually i want to track all GL accounts with location, department and profit center. But in this video not clear how to connect location, department profit center.

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