Nick Barisheff – No Way Out of This Enormous Debt Except Hyperinflation .com/watch?v=yQq30GYN9SQ

SBTV spoke with Nick Barisheff, founder and president of BMG Group Inc., about his $10,000 gold forecast and why the US debt is sending the country towards hyperinflation.Nick Barisheff’s BMG Group: https://bmg-group.comDiscussed in this interview: 00:00 Introduction 01:53 Hyperinflation 05:02 Asian Bretton Woods 06:18 China’s ‘hidden’ gold 11:47 Silver is price inelastic 16:57 Wait out the storm in gold 18:42 Problems with ETFs 22:25 $10,000 gold forecast 25:50 Flight into bullionuy & store gold and silver with Silver Bullion:​​ Silver Bullion Products & Services Guide: Silver Bullion Twitter: Silver Bullion Instagram: @silverbullionsg