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SBTV spoke with Nick Barisheff, founder and president of BMG Group Inc., about his $10,000 gold forecast and why the US debt is sending the country towards hyperinflation.Nick Barisheff’s BMG Group: https://bmg-group.comDiscussed in this interview: 00:00 Introduction 01:53 Hyperinflation 05:02 Asian Bretton Woods 06:18 China’s ‘hidden’ gold 11:47 Silver is price inelastic 16:57 Wait out the storm in gold 18:42 Problems with ETFs 22:25 $10,000 gold forecast 25:50 Flight into bullionuy & store gold and silver with Silver Bullion:​​ Silver Bullion Products & Services Guide: Silver Bullion Twitter: Silver Bullion Instagram: @silverbullionsg

16 thoughts on “Nick Barisheff – No Way Out of This Enormous Debt Except Hyperinflation

    1. We need to blame the population for not standing up against a whole bunch of Nazi scumbag criminals. And allowing these Nazi scumbag criminals to take full control in America.

  1. Self serving comments. Not more honnest than the financial syatem owners. Disregard possibility for banker to deflate the system stealing banks accounts, bailins are in place to make it a legal robbery. Cash out of bank is good then

  2. Lost all credibility when he said the BRICS nations are 3/4s of the world population. Clearly uneducated about the populations of Russia/South Africa and Brazil and thinks that India and China are MUCH larger than they actually are not to mention the demographic bomb in China and Russia going off. He is pushing a certain narrative but at least he isn’t all wrong about everything, folks need to protect themselves with hard assets.

  3. there is no way in hell the FED will allow the US to end up like zimbabwe, they will raise rates to 8% if need be and the DOW will drop 90% and they might do a major US$ reset, but i will bet you anything the US will not end up with 100%+ inflation anytime soon in our lifetimes.
    if he really thinks the US will end up in hyperinflation why only give a $10,000 gold target, why not give a $10,000,000 gold price?

  4. Ye me too 100% metals and miners. Cant believe I am as it is not in my nature at all, held none of any 3 years ago and at the start of the pandemic I started moving over and it seems to make sense. Will take a hit as everything goes down and then they will recover. I do not think other things will. Wish it was more normal however it just isnt. Great interview, thank you.

  5. requiring vaccination before you get hired – sort of says they are putting life insurance policies on employees – so who needs to sell products to a declining population when you get paid for hiring people when the pass. its a really sick world folks

  6. Pat: Be great if you could bring Nick back on SBTV in a couple of months to update – pretty sure things/markets will have a vastly different look by then😝


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