[New Kadence Tutorial] How to Create Custom WooCommerce Product Pages With Kadence Shop Kit

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Resources included! In this video, you will learn how to create custom WooCommerce product pages with Kadence and Kadence Shop Kit. Kadence Shop Kit is a pro plugin in the KadenceWP suite of products that allows you to extend your WooCommerce WordPress e-commerce website with 15 powerful modules with varying functionalities. This in-depth tutorial will cover ways to customize your product pages, create completely custom product pages, add more style to your variable products and much more.You can add Kadence Shop Kit to any Kadence plus WooCommerce website. I have included a link to my earlier tutorial that shows how to create a custom e-commerce website with Kadence. I use this website to illustrate the capabilities of Kadence and Kadence Shop kit. That being said, you can follow along using your own Kadence website or a Starter Template if you like.I have also included download links to the images I used in the tutorial in the event you want to replicate what I have done.Timestamps and resources are below!Enjoy!Tutorial Resources Dress Images: https://cliftonwp.com/dress-images [Video] Kadence Tutorial: How to Create an E-commerce Website in WordPress with Kadence. Want to customize the WooCommerce Product Category Pages? Watch this: https://youtu.be/ZMAGYsPdr-kTimestamps:0:00 Intro: How to Create Custom WooCommerce Product Pages with Kadence Shop Kit 01:25 Overview: Getting Started 02:18 Where to get Kadence Shop Kit 05:04 Custom product pages with Kadence Shop Kit Overview 08:56 How to create simple products in WooCommerce with galleries 14:37 How to create a variable product in WooCommerce 21:48 How to install Kadence Shop Kit 22:43 How to enable variation swatches in Kadence Shop Kit 24:36 How to enable product galleries in Kadence Shop Kit 27:03 How to enable Woo Templates in Kadence Shop Kit 32:14 How to create a custom WooCommerce Template with Kadence Shop Kit 36:16 How to build a custom product page template from scratch using Woo Templates in Kadence Shop Kit 1:27:18 How to add video to your product galleries 1:28:54 Conclusion and Thank you🙏SUPPORT & THANK YOUS? ✅ Buy me a Coffee – https://www.buymeacoffee.com/cliftonwp/extras ✅ Leave a Super Thanks in YouTube Comments🧰TOOLS I USED IN THIS TUTORIAL ✅ WordPress CMS: FREE ✅ Gutenberg Block Editor: FREE ✅ Kadence Free Theme: FREE ✅ Kadence Blocks: FREE ✅ Kadence Shop Kit – https://cliftonwp.com/kadence ✅ Kadence Theme Pro Addon – https://cliftonwp.com/kadence ✅ Kadence Blocks Pro – https://cliftonwp.com/kadence-blocks ✅ Domain & Hosting by Siteground: https://cliftonwp.com/host🧰 FAVORITE WEBSITE BUILDING TOOLS ✅ Kadence Theme Pro – https://cliftonwp.com/kadence ✅ Kadence Blocks Pro – https://cliftonwp.com/kadence-blocks ✅ Kadence Conversions – Kadence Pro Bundle – https://cliftonwp.com/kadence ✅ Domain & Hosting by Siteground: https://cliftonwp.com/host ✅ WordPress CMS: FREE ✅ Gutenberg Block Editor: FREE ✅ Kadence Free Theme: FREE ✅ Kadence Blocks: FREE🏆RECOMMENDED EMAIL MARKETING PROVIDER ✅ Mailerlite: https://cliftonwp.com/mailerlite🏆 BEST HOSTING COMPANY ✅ Siteground: https://cliftonwp.com/host ✅ WP Engine (Premium managed hosting): https://cliftonwp.com/wprocket🏆 BEST PRO GUTENBERG BLOCK PLUGINS ✅ Kadence Blocks: https://cliftonwp.com/kadence-blocks⭐ RECOMMENDED PRO WORDPRESS THEMES ✅ Kadence Premium Theme: https://cliftonwp.com/kadence ✅ Astra Pro: https://cliftonwp.com/astra⭐RECOMMENDED PRO FORM PLUGINS ✅ Gravity Forms https://cliftonwp.com/gravityforms ✅ Fluentforms : https://cliftonwp.com/fluentforms🏆 BEST SPEED PLUGIN ✅ WP Rocket: https://cliftonwp.com/wprocket⭐ BEST WORDPRESS PAGE BUILDER ✅ Beaver Builder: https://cliftonwp.com/beaver-builder⭐ BEST COMING SOON PLUGIN ✅ SeedProd: https://cliftonwp.com/seedprodAFFILIATE DISCLOSURE Please note that any links within this video and its description may contain affiliate links which means that if you click on one of the product links and purchase a product, I may receive a small commission. The commission does not increase the price you pay for the product and you can always purchase directly from the source. By using my affiliate link, you are supporting the work of the channel and I thank you for that.Lastly, All of the opinions in this video are my own. I did not receive any compensation for making this video. Thank you for watching and thank you for your support!#cliftonwp #kadence #kadenceshopkit #kadencepro #kadencetutorials

38 thoughts on “[New Kadence Tutorial] How to Create Custom WooCommerce Product Pages With Kadence Shop Kit

  1. Shopkit 2.0 looks great as you build and demo it on desktop, but how does it hold up on mobile? 80 percent of shoppers tend to be on mobile these days…

    1. I’m using Shop kit as well. In combination with the Kadence theme, you can easily adjust everything for mobile viewport. Cheers

    2. @CliftonWP Fantastic, I’m playing with it on staging now… please keep up the great work on your Kadence videos! they are very much needed from your fans!

  2. Thank you for coming back again. Been missing the precious rich content materials, the voice and the man behind that. Thanks for giving us something new and interesting to learn in a simplified form and approach. You are the Greatest & the Best!

    1. Thank you Charlie! I appreciate you! I’m working on several Kadence tutorials that you will enjoy. I look forward to teaching some more awesome tutorials and uploading more frequently. Thank you so much for watching!

    2. @CliftonWP Thank you for the assurance and hope that you are always there for us and will always be. Looking forward to what’s coming next, and next, and next …!!! Always enjoying your materials. Thanks Sir.

  3. Hi, do you know of a way to have variation images under the main product image in the product catalogue?
    I dont think the kadence theme or shop kit has this feature, but it is in some themes like flatsome, would it be possible to use shop kit with other themes like flatsome?

    1. Thank you Brian! Very interesting question. This feature is currently not in Kadence and can be achieved with some custom coding.

  4. Hi Clifton thank you very much for the video tutorial, could you make a tutorial on how to edit product catalog loop item please. Thank you very much, greetings from Colombia.

  5. Great tutorial and just what I needed! I noticed that when paypal is integerated on a website it shows on nomal product pages but it doesnt when you create a custom page, is there a workaround this?

    1. Thank you Andy! I appreciate you watching. 🙂I am not sure I understand what you mean. Are you saying that the paypal icon is not showing on your custom product page? If you include a link, I can check it out. Thanks again!

    2. @CliftonWP My site is still in development mode so cant provide the link yet but basically I have enabled the paypal button in woocommerce to show on single product page and it shows on single product pages that are not custom made but it doesnt show on custom made single product pages. Hope that makes sense? Thanks again for your wonderful tutorial 😊

  6. Hello Clifton, I tried looking-up for your contact info or website. Do you provide website design services for clients, I would like to discuss a project with you.

    Please advise

  7. Our man is back. I have been missing your tutorials. Best teacher ever and thank you for the content you make. It reinforces my love for Kadence. I have a suggestion. Could you make a tutorial using the same design and convert it to a multivendor WooCommerce platform. There are no tutorials on how to use blocks (Kadence) to create a multivendor platform. If you could make one, that would be great. God bless

  8. Hi Clifton. Question: Any idea on how to style the background and font color for the Cart and Checkout page title area? Was able to do this for the Shop page but not seeing a template option for the others. Thanks!!!!!!

    1. Hi Steve! Typically, the Cart and Checkout page will adopt any styling that you have for the Page Titles within the customizer. However you can create specific Title areas for the Cart and Checkout page directly by doing directly in the pages. I’ll most likely do a tutorial on this method this week. :-)

  9. Great tutorial. I have watched many videos including the one made by the Kedence team but I could not appreciate or like Kedence. Watching your tutorial made me know what kedence and Gutenberg are. Really great step-by-step tutorial with no assumptions.

  10. Nice tutorial, rather than adding HTML isn’t it better and simpler just to add the “safe checkout” section as an image? It will also be on the same line on mobile… Just a thought

    1. Thank you Shai-li! Yes, you are right! It may be simpler to do it with an image. I just prefer to use HTML because it appears more crisp and clean on the page regardless of device. It’s slightly more work than using an image and much cleaner when viewed. I appreciate you watching!

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