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In this video, I walk you through and share some tips from my senior year graphic design portfolio I put together during my last semester in college studying Visual Communication design. I hope you enjoy!Check out WiseStamp to create your own email signature: you can find me: ✦ Website — ✦ Instagram — ✦ TikTok —… ✦ Twitter — ✦ Email — [email protected] I use: ✦ 2019 Macbook Pro — ✦ Samsung Curved Monitor — ✦ Canon T4i DSLR — ✦ 50mm Lens — ✦ SD Card — ✦ Apple Trackpad — ✦ Lighting — ✦ Tripod — ✦ Microphone — ✦ USB C Adapter —*I do receive a small commission if you click one of the Amazon affiliate links and purchase anything within 24 hours at no extra cost to you. It is a small but greatly appreciated way that supports my YouTube channel as a content creator. Thanks so much!*#Business #GraphicDesignPortfolio #Tips

19 thoughts on “My Senior Graphic Design Portfolio (With Tips!)

  1. Uhh question. It’s more of a personal question here but. Is it possible for disability person with only one hand able to do graphic design? Because I really want to do a digital art but I have a one handed handicap. Things like short keys are nearly impossible for me and I wonder if doing graphics with a tablet is still possible ?

  2. Your video is a life saver, Like you I graduated during covid times, and I have been seriously lost since. Thank you so much for tposting this.

  3. I’m so greatful for this video ! I appreciate your Portfolio but I’m also shocked by the quality of the mockups :O Where did you find it ?

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